Interesting and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home for Easter
Painting Easter eggs is our tradition

Interesting and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home for Easter

Easter is a holiday that Christians all over the world celebrate. And it is a good reason not only to celebrate people’s beliefs but also to spend some great time with family and friends.

And since every holiday is a good enough reason to have a gathering at home, we have decided to show you some ideas for your Easter home decoration. Even if you are not going to have a great party or invite many relatives, you could still try some of these ideas to make your home more festive for the holiday.

So, check these ideas we have prepared for you and do not forget to have fun when creating them.

#1 Bunny jars with sweets

First of the ideas we are going to share with you is very sweet, both literally and figuratively. One of the typical symbols of Easter is the Easter Rabbit, that is why we are also going to show you how to create a jar with sweets with a bunny. For it you will need a couple of jars, or as much as you want to decorate, some colorful paper, preferably in different colors, and colorful sweets.

Step 1

What you need to do first is to cut a whole in the sheets of colorful paper in the shape of a bunny. Make sure you do them as big as it requires for the jar. You need to put the “hole” in the shape of bunny in a central part of the jar and the rest of the jar to be covered from the colorful paper.

Step 2

If you are good at drawing, you could draw the shape of bunny on the paper yourself and then cut it. You can use two different bunny shapes for the different jars. One of them could be with the left side of the bunny and the other the back of the bunny.

Step 3

Then you need to put the paper inside the jar, glue it to the inner part of it and then to fill it with colorful candies or sweets. It is better to choose lighter colors, like yellow, blue, and pink. If you want you can also add a ribbon tied under the lid of the jar to make it look even sweeter. And voila, the bunny jars will be ready.

#2 Quail eggs in a jar

Apart from bunnies, there is another symbol of Easter and this is the eggs. The Easter Bunny brings eggs to the children who have been good and behaved themselves well. So, eggs are another good inspiration for Easter Day decorations.

We have prepared for you a simple and easy ideas with quail eggs. Quail eggs are small and colorful and that is why they are used often for Easter decorations as well as hen eggs.

For this decoration you will need a glass vase, or a glass jar as well. Put some green straw grass, or it could be only straw on the bottom of the vase, and then put on top of it quail eggs. It will look like a nest.

You can add a few eggs only, or you can fill the vase with them if you want and if it is a smaller kind of one. Put such vases in different parts of your home, and one of your Easter home decorations will be ready.

#3 Egg Door Sign

The next idea for decorating your home is a sign on the door in the Easter mood. To make it an Easter one, you will need some egg shells. You will also need some strong thread and a wooden picture frame. Make sure you use a big picture frame, it will need to hold at least 5-6 eggs horizontally.

Step 1

What you need to do first is to remove the egg whites and the egg yolks from the shells without breaking the shell completely. In order to do this you need to cut small holes on the top and the bottom of the eggs. The holes need to be as big as the diameter of a straw.

Then slowly start putting a straw in the top hole. This way you will push out the egg white and the egg yolk from the bottom hole of the egg shell. Continue doing it until the egg shell remains empty.

Step 2

Once the egg shells are ready, you need to paint them in different colors if you like to make the frame more lively and fun. You can use light blue, green, yellow, and pink, or red. Paint them the way you want. When the paint dries out, you need to write a single letter on each of the egg shells. And the letters need to form the sign “Happy Easter”. This means that you will need 11 egg shells.

Step 3

After you do this, you can move on to putting the shells on the frame. First you need to thread them on the strings of thread you have prepared. Thread the top parts of the shells only with the help of staples.

Glue the bottom part of a staple to the top part of the egg shell and then hang the top part of the staple on the thread. Do the same with the rest of the eggs forming two rows of sting of egg shells with the sign “Happy” on the top string and “Easter” on the bottom one.

Step 4

Once the two strings with the sign are ready, the last thing you have left to do is to stick them on the frame. Stick the strings to the frame with some glue. And then the frame will be ready. You can add something else to the string if you want to make it even prettier.

And your Easter Day home decorations are ready!

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