How to Wear Long Skirts in the Fall
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How to Wear Long Skirts in the Fall


There are a lot of women who wear skirts and dresses only in the summer. The reason for this is simple – they just find it too cold to wear such kinds of clothes during the rest of the seasons.

Since we believe that there are a lot of fashion pieces which are so pretty that one should not wait a long time to put them on, we are going to show you how to wear skirts in the fall without feeling too cold or uncomfortable. Here are our suggestions!

#1 Fairy queen

The first of our suggestions would appeal to those women who like to stand out in the crowd because it consists of a very bold color and a bold fabric as well. The accent of the outfit is its skirt, of course. We have chosen a long red tulle skirt.

Tulle skirts were quite popular a couple of years ago, so now it is time for those of you who do not like to be a part of the mass wear to try them on. Besides tulle skirts are also not very typical for the fall, which will make one stand out more.

You can match it with a black leather jacket and another important accessory – black hat. Hats are another item which a lot of women decide not to wear in the fall, but they can complete an outfit perfectly and can also make one look more elegant.

#2 Black and white

The next suggestion would appeal to those of you who like traditional and simple styles. It is also perfect for all business ladies out there who are not obsessed only with wearing suits and pants. Our black-&-white suggestion is a long black skirt with a white shirt. The skirt could be a high-waist one and the shirt to be tucked in it.

If you want to make a real impression you could choose a fuller skirt. Wear your hair in a high ponytail, or in a bun to create this sophisticated business-like look. And, of course, do not forget about the shoes, which, of course, we have decided to be black high heels.

#3 A skirt and a long coat

There are some women who think that skirts, and especially long skirts, should be only worn with short jackets, and no long coats. However, fashion is so versatile that one can wear whatever they want if they match it with the right items and accessories. Here is an example how to wear these two fashion items together and looking absolutely fashionable and chic.

You will need above the ankle skirt in grey and black, in a checked pattern, for example, but you can also use another long skirt that is made of a thicker fabric and is in dark or earth colors. Then you will need a long coat, with to-the-floor length. In other words the coat will be longer than then skirt. You can choose it to be in black, a traditional color for coats.

Shoes should again be high heels, although you can also wear boots if you prefer. As for the accessories, get a bag that will match the color of the skirt. So, if the main color of your skirt is, for example, grey, then get a bag in silver. Follow the “rule” that the colors of the skirt and the bags should match, and the colors of the coat and the shoes match as well and you will fine.

#4 Add some fur

The last of our suggestions is quite playful and would appeal to girls who like fur. This season one of the top bag trends is fur, so you could use it for an outfit and to match it with a long skirt. Another idea for using fur is to choose a fur vest and to match it with a long skirt. Fall is the perfect season to wear vests because it is neither too hot, not too cold for them.

You can match the main colors of the skirt and the vest. For example, if you decide the main color to be grey, then wear a long grey skirt and a grey fur coat. The rest of your outfit could be in black. This way the accents of your outfit, the skirt and the vest will stand out.

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