How to Wear Little Black…T-shirt
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How to Wear Little Black…T-shirt


When it comes to fashion there are different ways one can match fashion items. This way every person can find the best style for them and can wear the clothes they like, the way they like.

Today we were inspired by a very common fashion item that most people have in their wardrobe. And this is a black t-shirt.

Summer and spring and the two seasons when people wear t-shirts the most. And since it is spring and soon summer will come, we decided to share with you some ideas for different black t-shirt outfits. Check them out!

#1 Casual chick

The first of our ideas is typical for this fashion item because when most people think of black shirts, they imagine something casual typical for a day off. This way if you want to spend a day in the park, or to go shopping with friends, you can wear a black t-shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans to complement the casual effect. You can match it with a pair of white sneakers, or if the weather is warmer, you can wear beige sandals.

As for the accessories, you should not forget to add some dark sunglasses to match the dark color of the t-shirt and a small shoulder bag again in black. To complete the casual look, you can put all your hair up in a loose bun. And voila, your casual everyday look will be complete.

#2 All in black

The next fashion idea is for those of you who simply love black because the whole outfit will be in black. There are two main reasons for choosing black from head to toe. The first one is that it will make a person more elegant and, of course, slimmer, and the next one is that it will make them look more expensive. It may sound strange to some of you, but choosing black or white from head to toe is one way of creating the illusion that they are dressed in a really expensive outfit.

So, our outfit suggestion is to match a simple fitted black t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. To this sexy outfit we will add a pair of closed high heels, preferably velvet ones to make the outfit look more elegant. You can choose such with laces because this year high heels with laces are one of the top trends. The next things you could add to the outfit are a nice pair of black sunglasses and a watch or bracelet. The watch could be also black with some golden elements. And you could match the golden parts of the watch with a nice golden necklace, or a belt with golden belt buckle.

#3 Modern-day chic

The next outfit idea was inspired by the modern-day trends and more particularly by high school students who like to dress and feel cool in their own skin. And there is just no way not to add a black t-shirt with a saying on it, like “two cool for school”, or a smile one, like “do not forget to be awesome”, and such ones.

Nowadays school students like to express themselves with such saying on their t-shirts. This, of course, does not mean that women in their 20s should not wear such kind of shirts. This outfit idea is actually suitable for a wide range of women.

So, we have already mentioned what kind of t-shirt to choose for the outfit. You can match it with a pair of skinny jeans. They could be both black, and traditional blue ones. Make sure they are not too long.

Then you will need a jacket for the colder spring and summer days. For this reason we have chosen blue denim one since it is another of the current fashion trends.

Another thing you should pay special attention to are the shoes. Since this outfit was inspired by students, then high heels are definitely not an option. It is best to wear sneakers. We have chosen simple black sneakers, but you can try different ones if you want.

Last, but not least, do not forget about the accessories. They are also a main part of the outfit. For such outfit we suggest bracelets and necklaces in Boho style and hand-made jewelries.

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