How to Wear a Perfume

How to Wear a Perfume

 You know that the perfume is an essential part of your style. How you wear the perfume depends on the way your skin welcome the scent, the way you move, how active you are and so on. There is no wrong way to wear a perfume, but there are a few tips which will help you to wear it better and to last longer. Down below you will find those tips and also some fun facts about the perfumes, take a look:

  • Choosing the proper amount of the perfume on your body is a tricky business. There are people who don’t put enough perfume and there are the other ones, who put too much of the perfume. The average amount is about 2-3 spritz of the perfume over your body, summed up by all the areas you put it. Of course, that depends on the concentrated scent of the perfume. There is another delicate moment: if you wear the same perfume for months, you will get used to it and you won’t smell it and then you will put more than it is necessary, so, switch the perfumes once in a while.
  • It is important exactly where you put the perfume. You have to put it in the areas where you can sense the pulse the most. These are: behind the knees, wrist and behind the ears. Other spots are: neck and elbow fold. You can also spritz the perfume on your hair. Choose only three spots and spritz them with your favorite perfume.
  • You have to learn how to store your perfume, because an old or not properly stored perfume won’t give the same fresh and stunning scent. If it is possible, keep the perfume in the fridge, or another cool and dry place, which is protected from sunlight. The worst place to store a perfume is your bathroom because of the humidity, the perfume won’t last long in moist places.
  • People can sense the fear only by smell, they bring memories of an incredible childhood only by a single scent, which means that human beings are very sensitive when it comes to perfumes. So, if you want to have a fun girl’s night out without annoying boys, you can put on some of your boyfriends perfume before you go out. This will keep the unwanted attention away.
  • Analyze the perfume ingredients and be careful with the usage of your perfume at all. Some fabrics may be stained if you spritz perfume directly on them, that’s why you should always put the perfume only on your skin or hair. Another thing you should keep in mind is the fact that the places which are sprayed with the perfume are more sensitive to sun, so stay under the shadow.
  • The only way that I know and is effective to make your perfume last longer is to layer it. Choose shampoo and body shower with the same scent as your perfume, then the body lotion and face cream and then top those layers with the perfume.

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