How To Use Properly Pore Strips

How To Use Properly Pore Strips

Sometimes we buy some kinds of products that have all these properties and benefits against some beauty flaws, but eventually we are disappointed because they don’t work the same way as they do in the commercial where the girl is so happy and beautiful only because of these products.

Have you ever experienced the following situation: Your nose is entirely covered in blackheads and you are talking with your friend about that problem, asking for an advice that will help you to solve it. She recommends you the nose strips because they helped her just perfectly and she is so happy about it. So, you are running to the beauty store and you buy at least a dozen of nose pore strips and run back to home to try them. You read the instructions on the package, follow them, use the pore strip and then … nothing. Your nose is still covered in blackheads. You call your friend to tell you what’s going on and why the pore strip doesn’t work on your face. She simply tells you that you have to do it at least three times until fully clean nose and you get relaxed. But after two weeks of pore strip treatments, the blackheads still annoy you. Then, you are not doing it right.

It can happen to anybody and that’s why I decided to show you how to use properly the pore strips. It is a whole procedure. Here we go:

  • Clean the face both with sumac soap and facial scrub in order to prepare the pores for the next step and to remove any dry skin and dead cells that will interfere the pore strip.

  • Bring water with chamomile to boil and remove from the hot plate.

  • Bend over the steam and to create even better effect, cover your head with towel in order to direct the whole steam go to your face. This little trick will open up your pores like the door of Hell – wide open.

  • Then apply the strip as it is instructed.

  • Remove and enjoy the great result.

  • Do this trick three times per week for blackhead-free skin.

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