How to Turn Any Lipstick into Matte

How to Turn Any Lipstick into Matte



The matte lipstick look is popular, but there’s no need to buy all new lipsticks to get this look. There are also some clever tricks and techniques you can use to ensure that your matte effect will be as vibrant and long lasting as possible. Luckily, with this simple hack for transforming any lipstick into a matte colour, you’ll never have to settle for glossy lips when you don’t want them. This trick takes all of two minutes to do, and once you get the hang of it, you might just never purchase matte lipsticks again!

Step 1: Before you start, moisturize your lips with some lip balm. This step will help ensure that your finished look will last through wear and tear throughout the day.

Step 2: Fill your lips in with a colourful lipstick of your choice, beginning in the middle and ensuring the colour goes all the way out to the edges.

Step 3: To blot your lips, stick a tissue between them and gently close your mouth. Make sure that the tissue you are using is of good quality so it won’t leave any paper bits on your lips.

Step 4: Now, get your baby powder and with your finger touch the baby powder in your palm until you get a decent amount.

Step 5: Now pat some baby powder on your lips with the help of your finger. Make sure you have covered the entire lip area. Carefully tap on your lips and try not to smear! As the saying goes, it’s always much easier to build up the intensity slowly, rather than dabbing on more than you should and having to start all over. Then, with the use of clean brush remove powder around your lips.

Now the glossiness of the lipstick is gone! You have now created a rich, velvety matte texture without breaking the bank on new beauty products.


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