How to Tightline Eyes

How to Tightline Eyes



Tightlining is a makeup trick that professional artists have used for decades to thicken the appearance of eyelashes and to add subtle definition to the eyes. It is an amazing technique which can be used for any casual event or formal party, and is actually pretty easy to master. It provides an imperceptible definition and structure to the face by filling in any gaps in between your lash hairs. How exactly does the tightlining method work, you ask? Just scroll down and see for yourself!


Step 1: With clean fingers, gently lift your lashes upward while your eyelashes are grazing your brow bone. Then, use a well sharpened, waterproof eye pencil to gently trace your upper waterline back and forth. To achieve a natural look, use eyeliner which matches the colour of your eyelashes.


Step 2: If you see any tiny gaps between your lash hairs, then lightly dab the pencil in between each individual lash hair. Try not to blink as this may cause the liner to smudge. Depending on how deep and intense you want the line to be, continue tracing your lash line back and forth until you achieve the desired look.


Step 3: The next thing you need to do is to refine your lower waterline. To do this, gently run your eyeliner near the base of your lower eyelashes several times. If your hand feels unsteady, rest your pinky finger on your cheek for extra stability. To prevent the colour from smudging, try not to blink while applying the eyeliner. Since you want your makeup to look natural, do not make this lining too thick or too dark . As a final touch, highlight your eyes with several coats of your favorite thickening black mascara. Look yourself in the mirror and clean up any imperfections with a cotton swab. As you can see, perfect looks do not necessary require a lot of time!

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