How to Take Care of Our Hands in The Spring

How to Take Care of Our Hands in The Spring

The change of the seasons has been always harsh to our skin, bodies and feelings. Although spring is one of the most beautiful and fun seasons, we don’t have to forget to take care of ourselves. We all want to feel beautiful and sexy and that actually is really possible in the spring because of all of the sun and blossom. But it takes time and care.

It turns out that there is a major problem for women during the spring – avitaminosis. This is a condition, that means vitamin deficiency in the body. This is something that shows by lowering the good health and it changes our skin and hair.


So, avitaminosis is usually most common during the spring, though people can get it all year around. The cause often is non-balanced diet and no vitamin intake. During the winter our bodies get tired and loose vitamins, since the food is worse and there is no sun. Yes, we need the sun the most, since it brings vitamin D in our bodies.

How do you know if you have avitaminosis?

Usually you will know if you are too sleepy all the time, have lethargy, and don’t have enough energy to work. But there are some other signs too – very dry skin and also very pale. Sometimes the avitaminosis goes with anemia. If you have some (or all) of the symptoms, try to change your diet and incorporate many vitamins in and also vitamins as a nutritional supplement. If the tiredness and paleness don’t go away it is good to advice with a doctor.

Avitaminosis of the skin of the hands

Our skin on the hands suffers the most from this condition. As a whole we take way more care of our faces and tend to forget about the hands. In order to have beautiful and healthy hands that feel good, we should not forget about them. So, in spring not only intake vitamins and take care of your face, but don’t forget the hands. When choosing hands cream think about its ingredients. It is good to have only natural ingredients, rather than being expensive and full of chemicals.

How to take care of your hands?

  • Aloe or coconut oil

One of the best solutions for your hands is to use cream with some natural aloe in it. It has been used in many cosmetic products for hundreds of years. It softens the skin and helps to regenerate skin cells. It is called ‘the vitamin of the youth’, so you would want that on your skin. Another thing your skin on the hands can benefit from is the coconut oil. It has benefits both for softness and it will improve the situation of your cuticles.

  • Often use

It is important to use your hand cream at least two times a day – morning and night. But it would be better if you use it after every time you wash your hands. This way your hands will be well hydrated.

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