How to Survive a Breakup During the Holidays
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How to Survive a Breakup During the Holidays


The Christmas Holidays are one of the merriest time of the year, or at least they are supposed to be. Sometimes, believe it or not, an unpleasant thing can happen to you and ruin your holidays. And one of these things is a break-up. Even if it is the most inappropriate time to dump a boyfriend/girlfriend, people still do it, some accidentally while others simply do not care if it is the holiday season.

So, what to do if this happens to you? First of all you should not let this ruin your holidays and make you hate them. And to help you with this task, we have prepared for you some tipsthat will help you deal with this unpleasant situation you are in during the holidays. So, check them out!

#1 Surround yourself with positive people

The first thing that you should have in mind when it comes to dealing with a breakup during the holidays is not to let yourself feel depressed. And the best way to do this is to surround yourself with positive people. Talk with those friends of yours who did not like your boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them what happened.

This way you will hear another point of view that will make you feel less stupid in the situation you are in. You need to surround yourselves with people that make you laugh, with positive people that will not let you feel down or depressed.

#2 Do not blame yourself

Another thing which is important to do is not to blame yourself. This kind of things happen and there is no one to blame for it. That is also why you should not overthink the situation. If you already bought presents for your ex, do not feel stupid if you give them to somebody else, or simply get them back. You can sell them or give them to other people who really deserve them. Just forbid yourself to think about your ex.

#3 Do not be alone

Another thing that will help you not think about the situation is to constantly be surrounded by people. That is why you may need to organize a party with your friends, spend more time with your family, even some distant relatives. The more time you spent alone, the more likely it is to think about your breakup. And thus you are more likely to feel depressed. That is why it is best not to be alone. The louder it is around you, the more you will enjoy the holidays.

#4 Do not spend any time on social media

If you want to have good time during the holidays, you may want to stop spending time online. The same goes for people who have recently broken up. This is your worst enemy because you may not only get the chance to see your ex, but you may see them having fun without you which would be even more painful for you. Or you may see other people having fun and being in love which would cause some more pain to your aching heart. That is why it is better to avoid the social media for a while.

#5 Do things that make you feel happy

It is hard to find things that make you feel happy after a breakup, but it is important to do this if you want to have a jolly holidays. It is important to do things that make you feel happy. And another important thing is not to attend places and do things that remind you of your ex. If they hated going shopping with you, then go shopping with a friend and feel the holiday spirit.

#6 Talk with someone

If you do not want to feel sad or depressed during the holidays, you need to make yourself speak. Talk to someone about the things you are going through. You can do this with a friend, or you could visit a shrink about it, but it is important to talk. Otherwise, you may try to hide your feelings and this is never good if you are going through some rough patch in your life.

#7 Start doing a sport

Expressing your emotions is one of the best way to deal with such kinds of problems. You may start doing some kind of sport, like boxing, to help your anger find its way out of your mind and body. And this will help you feel better. If you feel angry, then do not suppress these feelings, but let them out. And that is where the sport, like boxing, comes in. It will help you calm down.

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