How to Stop Being Jealous

How to Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is a serious problem that could ruin relationships and some people cannot handle it. It is true that a pinch of jealousy can keep your partner’s feelings for you burning and they can learn that they should not take you for granted and that somebody else might steal you from them, but they should not take it too far, because this can really put you off and in the end you might want to break up with them.

If you think that you are way too jealous and that this is an obstacle in your relationship, then it is best to find a way to deal with it. That is why we have prepared for you some tips that will help you get rid of jealousy.

#1 Identify your jealousy

First of all, if you want to stop being jealous, you need to be aware of your condition. Do you feel neglected when your boyfriend starts talking to another girl? Do you want to find out what they are talking about? Is it only one girl that you feel jealous of, or every person from the opposite sex may be the reason of your jealousy?

This is very important to identify because this way you will be better able to deal with the problem. Think whether there really is a reason why you might be jealous, because if there is not any obvious reason, you just probably get in your own way of happiness. And this leads to the second tip.

#2 Gain more self-confidence

If you want to stop being jealous that your partner may choose another person instead of you, then you probably need to build more self-confidence. You have to accept the fact that you are pretty and your partner is with you and not with another girl because of your looks and personal qualities. If you still do not feel confident enough to believe in it, then you can try this exercise.

Start reminding yourself that you are beautiful. Say it out loud and repeat it a couple of times even if you feel uncomfortable doing it. The next day do the same exercise but repeat it twice as much as the first day. And this way you need to repeat the exercise every day, several times.

The other thing is to list all the things you like about yourself. Begin by listing 3 things. The next day list 4 things, the next day 5, etc. and so on until you start liking everything about yourself. If you do these two exercises repeatedly, you will notice that in a month or two your confidence will be much higher than before and you will feel sure about yourself. And surprisingly enough, you will notice that you do not feel as jealous as before.

#3 Take your time to think

When you feel jealous do not be in a hurry to act and take your time to think about the situation. Sometimes people believe in what they want to believe. If you are so worried that your partner is cheating on you, you may start seeing signs of this everywhere without even realizing that some of them may not be true, or real, and not only a part of your imagination.

Do not start yelling at your partner, or try to break up with them, because this may have serious consequences. Instead talk to them and give them a chance to explain what was going on. The most important thing is not to act untimely. Take your time to think clearly and not be blinded by your emotional impulses.

#4 Start thinking optimistically about people

Another important thing to do is to start thinking more positively about both you and the people around you. If you constantly think that your partner is flirting with other women, or that other women are trying to take him away from you, this will be the only thing you are going to see. The more you allow your jealousy to get the better of you, the more you will feel jealous.

That is why you need to start thinking more optimistically about the people around you. There are thousands of single men, so why would a woman want to flirt with a guy that is in a relationship. Or why would your partner want to risk losing such a great woman as you so that he can be with another?

Remember that people are not your enemies, but your friends and they would not hurt you and you need to start believing in this. That is how you will be able to get rid of all the jealousy you feel.

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