How to Stimulate Your Brain to Work Better and to Use Its Full Capacity
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How to Stimulate Your Brain to Work Better and to Use Its Full Capacity


Nowadays people are very busy and often very much stressed. They often work under pressure, try to meet deadlines and still want to have time for their personal lives.

Actually most of these people do not realize that they have a very powerful weapon which can help them do their job faster and then have time to relax and enjoy themselves. And this weapon is their brain.

There are a lot of people who are not at all easy on their brains. They do not think about their brain’s health and continue pushing it. If one wants to stay healthy and strong, and to be able to do with learning and working faster.

In order to do this, and not to let your brain power fade but get stronger, we have prepared for you some tips that will help you stimulate your brain to work better and faster. Here they are!

#1 Use your non-dominant hand more

The first of the tips that you can take up is to start using your non-dominant hand more. What you could do is start writing with your other hand, of course, you can only practice doing it. Another thing that you can do is start brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

It will feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but if you are consistent you will get used to it and it would not feel so strange. At the same time you will stimulate your brain to work better and the results will be long and coming.

#2 Take a shower with your eyes closed

This is another very useful brain exercise that will help you stimulate it is taking a shower with your eyes closed. Of course, it is not necessary to stay with your eyes closed all the time but it is good to do it while you are shampooing your hair and your body. The more things you do with your eyes closed while showering, the better.

The reason why this exercise works so well is that you use the other of your senses. This will send a message to your brain and your other senses will get stronger doing the job. You need to be very careful not to slip since your eyes will be closed. That is why when you enter and get out of the shower, you need to do it with your eyes open.

#3 Take other routes to work

The next exercise is a relatively easy one if you have the opportunity to take other routes to work. One’s brain can get lazy when it is used to certain things, like one’s route to work. You can awaken your brain a little if you confuse it a little by taking some other route to work. You can leave home earlier and even walk for some more time before you take the bus or the subway.

#4 Use your sense of smell

The next tip that can help you stimulate your brain work better is if you awaken your sense of smell, literally. You probably know that your brain remembers smells. It basically associates them with certain memories and activities. For example, a lot of people associate the smell of coffee with waking up in the morning. If this is the same for you, you can try this little trick to “awaken” your brain.

What you need to do is to keep some aromatic scent next to your bed. Such one could be some that you like, like vanilla, citrus, rose, and so on. The moment you wake up you need to smell it and then move on to your everyday tasks. You need to do this for at least a week. This way your neutral pathways will be alerted and your brain will “get out of its comfort zone” and will start doing a better job.

#5 Read books aloud

The next thing that you can start doing if you want to stimulate your brain to work better is by reading books, especially doing it aloud. We all know that reading is good for our brain and that people need to read as often as they can, and by the way watch as little TV as possible, in order to develop our brain and to work better.

If you start reading books aloud, you will develop your brain’s imagination better because not only will it be able to get to the story visually, by looking at the words, but also verbally – by saying them aloud, and audibly – by listening to them. This way you will stimulate three dimensions of your brain.


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