How to Stay Motivated During a Workout Plan
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How to Stay Motivated During a Workout Plan



Sticking to a workout plan should be something you do for yourself. Keeping that in mind will help you focus on what’s working for and adjust accordingly. In case you need some help, here are a few tips to get you on the right track.


It will be very helpful for you to begin your workout plan with a new way of thinking. Think as if you are an athlete not as if you are a couch potato, procrastinating every day the beginning of your workout plan. Find inspiration in people, regular or famous, that inspire you and that you look-up to. You can check online what they regimes are and try and adapt those to your lifestyle. Also, having a family member or a friend join the challenge will definitely help you stay on the right track. Make sure you have a person you can account to – someone you trust and someone who will push you in the days that you don’t feel like working out at all.


Another important thing to do is to set yourself a goal. Big or small, you decide. One big goal or a few smaller ones to keep you on track – your choice! There is nothing that motivates more than writing your goal in bold letters somewhere visible that you can see every day. Remember to set realistic goals, otherwise, sooner than later you may find yourself de-motivated to even do simple squats. Set clear, realistic milestones and track your progress, but don’t let challenges set you back. You will soon see that achieving small but realistic and positive milestones will make you more happy and more motivated to improve in other areas of your life – work, home, love, health, etc. Adapt your goals to your living style and the changes and challenges that come with it, but do not stop, do not quick. Keep going and pushing through, a workout plan can be changes so don’t get discouraged to amend your milestones and your goals. As long as you keep moving forward and achieving progress, however small it may seem, you are already winning!


Something that might help you in staying motivated is scheduling a regular workout time. Some of the most committed exercisers do it every day either before the sun rises or late at night. This way, they make sure that, however busy the day gets, they have a timeslot in their calendar that is exclusively reserved for the workout – and that workout can be a few minutes, as long as you stick to it and you do it as often as you promised to yourself. Sit down with your weekly schedule, for example every Sunday evening, and map out an exercise plan that can fit with your week – try to build in an hour each day to be good to your body. After all, you are doing this for yourself – to make you feel stronger, better and happier. Chances are that any last-minute workout motivation may be lost after a long day – if you don’t have a plan to stick to and if you have not set your mind into it.


But most importantly, make sure you have fun. Workouts can be fun and should be fun – if you are not enjoying yourself, you are doing it wrong! Download an app to help you keep motivated and on track, turn on your best jams, put up pictures of athletic-looking bodies, or whatever you aspire to become, a healthier and happier you! Use technology to your advantage – daily email reminders, workout journaling websites/blogs, apps, forums, etc. Reach out to others for support and exchange experience and exercise plans – including a variety of exercises in your workout plan can help you feel like it is a new fun experience, rather than the boring, same routine you do every day.


Last but not least, invasion your success on daily basis. Knowing your goal and why you are doing this, will help you stay motivated and push through the hard and lazy times, and there could be many of those! Have an invasion board, or a simple BOLD writing of your goal, somewhere you will see every morning you wake up. Celebrate your wins, every win, be happy for the progress you make, every day, and remember that at the end of the day, the reason you are doing this, is for you.



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