How to Stay Fresh and Pretty in the Summer Despite the Heats
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How to Stay Fresh and Pretty in the Summer Despite the Heats

Summer is a lot of people’s favorite season but still no matter how advantages it may have compared to the other seasons, there are a number of disadvantages as well just like any other thing in the world. One of the main disadvantages of it is the too hot weather which makes people sweat a lot and as a result they may feel sticky and dirty and not pretty.

This is one of the things that women have to face in the summer. They have to learn some beauty tricks and tips which will show them how to stay fresh and pretty under the extremely hot conditions. That is why we have prepared for you a number of tips and advices which will help you feel beautiful and cool in the summer. Check them out!

#1 Do not wear too tight clothes

Tight clothes, or better yet clothes that are too tight, are never a good option, neither in the summer, nor in the winter because too tight clothes can be bad for one’s health. There is also another reason that it is better to wear clothes which are not fitted – they will keep you cool.

For example, imagine you are wearing a skinny denim shorts and a fitted top. And then imagine you are wearing a loose summer dress. Which one do you think you will feel cooler in? This will definitely be the dress. The less restricted your body is when it comes to movement, the cooler it will feel.

#2 Do not expose too much of your skin

This may sound a little bit funny since people in the summer wear shorts, short skirts, cropped tops and so on, to feel cooler. Well, there is a better way to do so. The more skin you show, the sticker it will feel since there will be no fabric on it to absorb the sweat. And once the sweat get a little dry, your skin will feel stick and dirty.

If you wear clothes that cover most of your body, or at least this part of it that it gets sweaty the most. This way the fabrics will absorb most of the sweat and will not leave you that uncomfortable. This also means that you need to be careful what kind of fabrics you choose for your summer clothes.

#3 Choose natural fabrics

As we mentioned above fabrics are very important when it comes to feeling cool, fresh, and beautiful in the summer. If you are wearing a top that does not absorb sweat, your armpits are likely to get wet and this will show on your top. It is extremely embarrassing and you can be sure nobody wants sweat stains on their armpits.

That is why you always need to make sure you choose clothes made of natural fabrics. Cotton is one such fabric that is very useful because it absorbs water, and thus sweat. Apart from the fabrics, you also need to wear darker clothes even if they are not people’s first choice in the summer. They will not let it show that much when they are sweaty.

#4 Use everyday pads

You have probably heard of the trick with menstrual pads which can be used to absorb some of the sweat on the armpits. What you need to do is to get two of the flat everyday pads and to stick them on the inside part of your top where the armpits are.

It is best to use a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt and not a tank top, for example, so it will stay hidden behind the top. The pad will absorb the sweat from your armpits and this way your tops will remain stain-free.

#5 Powder and dryer sheet are your friends

And since we are talking about summer tips and tricks that will help you stay fresh, we also need to include some tips about preserving your makeup and hair. First of all you need to make sure your hairstyle is suitable for the weather conditions. If you sweat a lot, then it is better to keep your hair away from your neck. You can tie it up in a ponytail, or you can braid it, or you can also make a bun.

If your hair gets sweaty, you may hide this with some baby powder. Sprinkle some of it on the roots of the hair which are likely to get greasy to absorb the oil.

When it comes to makeup you may use some dryer sheet to absorb the sweat from your face without ruining your makeup. You should also apply powder regularly to achieve some more matte skin effect and not a greasy one because of the sweat. This way the heat will not get in the way of your beauty.

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