How to Stay Beautiful and Fresh While Traveling
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How to Stay Beautiful and Fresh While Traveling


The summer season is the one when people travel the most. This is because the weather is warm and pleasant and people can head to the beach. Going on vacation often involves a lot of time spent in a vehicle, in a plane, or in another method of transportation.

Unfortunately, the longer people travel, the less time they will have to relax and freshen-up. And sweating comes with hot weather in the summer. As we all know, summers can be quite hot and thus sweaty for us.

So, is there something we can do to stay pretty while traveling? Yes, of course, there is. Today we are going to give you some tips that will help you stay fresh and pretty while traveling to your vacation spot in the summer.

#1 Drink plenty of water

The first tip in our list is both healthy and beauty one. It is very important to drink plenty of water not only in the summer but also during the rest of the seasons. This way you will hydrate your body and will feel fresh and energized. Drinking water is one of the top advices beauty gurus give when they are asked about their beauty routines.

It is even more important to drink water in the summer, though, because when the temperatures are high, your body is sweating. There is a chance of dehydration if you do not take water. This way your skin and body will be fresh and energized as well. So, make sure you drink plenty of water while traveling.

#2 Use hydrating water spray

One of the biggest problems I have while traveling in the summer is sweating, especially when it comes to my face. I usually have oily skin and with the coming of the summer, it gets even oilier. This is also an annoying problem when one is traveling because the air in the vehicle is not that fresh and it could often be stuffy which makes one’s face sweatier, dirtier, and even stickier.

So, what you can do to deal with such problem is to use some water spray which will hydrate your skin. Whenever you feel hot and sweaty you could spray some of the hydrating water spray on your face and you will instantly feel fresher.

If you decide to try this beauty trick, you need to know it is better to avoid applying foundation. In general, it is best to avoid applying foundation when you are traveling because there is a big chance that it makes your face feel even hotter because of the pore clogging when applying foundation. It is better to put some basic makeup products on and that is it.

#3 Use wet wipes

The next tip in the list is one of the most helpful to me. I use wet wipes every day and I do not know what I was going to do without them. Wet wipes are perfect for traveling because one can use them not only as a substitute to washing their hands, but they can also clean their face, neck, and even armpits.

When you notice that you have become too sweaty, you could secretly take out a wipe and freshen up your armpits. And since they are wet, you are also going to sense some relief from the heat.

#4 Use baby powder

If you are going to travel for a long time and you would not have the opportunity to have a proper shower, then I recommend applying some baby powder on your scalp to get rid of the excess oil there could be. You also need to be careful not to apply too much baby powder and to look as if you have dandruff.

Another thing you could have in mind is not to wash your hair right before traveling because one’s hair tends to absorb bad smells there might be in a plane, a coach, or a train. And not only this, but it might get dirty faster.

So, before the trip you may use baby powder to get rid of the greasiness of your hair and then you could simply tie it up in a ponytail. This way you will protect it from the dirt and germs, if there are some, you will also be able to hide your greasy hair, and you will feel some relief from the heat, removing your hair from your neck.

#5 Use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are very useful in general and they could do a pretty good job when you travel. You could use them to get rid of static hair, if you happen to have any such problem while traveling. The next thing you could use it for is to clean your clothes from some hair or dirt which may end up on them.

Dryer sheets will help you get rid of it. You could also use dryer sheets if your skin gets too oily. Just put a piece of it on your face, for example, and it will absorb the excess oil there it without having to rub it onto your face.

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