How to Start Feeling Good in an Instant
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How to Start Feeling Good in an Instant


Nowadays people have to deal with problems such as stress, deadlines, other people’s bad mood, traffic jams, and numerous other problems of the modern day world. That is one of the reasons people are often in a bad mood and are grumpy all day long. They do not want to be, of course, but just the environment they are in is like that.

So what to do if you are not in a good mood but want to feel happy and positive? Well, we can help you with that. We have prepared for you a list of things which you can do when you are not in a good mood to change this immediately. You can try them out the next time you want to feel good and happy again.

#1 Put on a happy piece of music

One of the first things which you can do if you want to change your mood from grumpy to a happy one is to listen to some music. But it is very important not to listen to some melancholy and sad songs that will only match your mood and make it stronger.

You need to listen to some positive songs which will lift your mood up. Some Latino songs are perfect for the task, for example. You will almost immediately notice change in your mood because music can really influence the way a person feels. Do not underestimate its power.

#2 Happy scents

The next thing you can do if you want to change your mood and to instantly start feeling happy is to do it by smelling some happy scent. You may think that it sound strange there are happy scents, but this is probably because you have not noticed that some scents make you feel better if you connect them with positive vibes.

Your brain remembers scents and it links them to experiences. If you were happy when you wore a particular perfume, your brain would link the experience to the scent and the next time you smell the same scent, it will remind you of the given experience and I will make you feel happier.

There are also some scents which are called happy ones because they make a person relax and feel more positive. Usually these ones are salvia, silver pine, cardamom, bergamot, orange, and basil. You can keep a perfume with such scent on your desk at work and you can use it every time you feel happy.

#3 Breathe in and breathe out

The next thing which can help you relax and feel more positive about your environment is your breathing. It may be surprising to you to find out that there are specific breathing techniques which will make you feel happier and more relaxed.

If you are very angry at someone and you want to lash out at them, it is best to take some time and breathe deeply in, then slowly to breathe out. Take your time doing this exercise. You may also count to 5 when you are breathing in, and count down from 5 to 1 when you breathe out. This way you will relax in no time and will feel much better.

#4 Have some chocolate

If you are sad and you want to improve your mood, then you can try the next very sweet and delicious technique for that – have some chocolate. It has been proven that chocolate makes people happy because it contains vitamin D. It can really improve your mood in a couple of minutes.

The next time you are not in a good mood, you can get your favorite chocolate and enjoy having it. Take your time and enjoy each one of the pieces you have. You will notice the change in your mood almost instantly and you will feel much happier.

#5 Get some sunlight

The next thing you can do to improve your mood and to feel much happier is to expose yourself to some sunlight. The sunlight contains vitamin D and it is good for one’s bones and good mood. Some sunlight can easily improve your mood.

You need to make sure you wear sun cream to protect your skin from the sun since it is not so healthy for this part of your body. But still make sure you expose yourself to natural sunlight when you are sad and you will notice that there is a change in your mood and that you feel better.

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