How to Sleep on a Plane
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How to Sleep on a Plane


There are a lot of people who travel regularly by plane. One of the biggest disadvantages about such kind of transportation is that one cannot get a good sleep and they often end up feeling jet-lagged when they arrive. It is very difficult to try to deal with it but you could at least try to sleep in the plane. It is not like a real goodnight sleep in your bed but it could help. And not only this, but you will also be able to utilize your time spent on the plane. Today we have prepared for you a few tips that will help you sleep while traveling by plane and by other methods of transportation like train and coach.

#1 Wear comfortable clothes

It does not matter if you have decided to sleep on a plane, or you prefer to read and simply relax, you need to always wear comfortable clothes, especially if you are traveling on a long distance. Another thing you should have in mind when choosing your clothes for traveling is that they should consist of a couple of layers.

This way you will be able to take off the top layer if you get too warm, or to put it back on when you get cold. As you know the temperatures in planes could vary a lot – one moment you may feel hot and the next one cold. So, make sure you are prepared for all kinds of temperatures when in a plane.

#2 Get a window seat

A lot of people prefer to get a window seat because they will be able to look out of the window. And if you want to sleep on a plane, getting a window seat will do another job as well – it will give you something that you could lean on while sleeping. Even if you bring with you a pillow or some blanket to put your head on while sleeping, window seats will give you a kind of pillar to rest your head on. And this will help you to get better sleep on the plane.

#3 Get an eye mask

The next important thing you definitely should consider if you want to sleep while traveling by plane is an eye mask. You may have noticed it that even the slightest light can interfere with your sleeping and could prevent you from getting to sleep. And this goes for planes as well since you do not know whose lamp may be turned on and so on. It would be best to bring an eye mask with you to make sure no light touches your eyes and does not irritate you.

#4 Get earplugs

The next item which you definitely should consider bringing with you on the plane is earplugs. Not only different lights may irritate you and interfere with your sleeping, but also different sounds. There could be some people next to you talking loudly, or some person to have their head sets on full blast so you can hear them as well. And when a person is sleeping the slightest sound may irritate their sleep and to make them feel uncomfortable and even wake up. So, if you do not want some sounds to interfere with your sleeping, bring some earplugs with you on the plane.

#5 Relax

If you want to be able to sleep while in the plane, you should feel relaxed. If something worries you, then this could be a huge obstacle and it may not allow you to sleep. That is why you need to feel relaxed and in order to do it, you may try a couple of techniques.

First of all, do not have any bad case scenarios in your head neither about your problems, nor about your plane traveling. Secondly, you can try breathing techniques. Inhale while counting to 5 and then exhale when counting from 5 to 0. Do it for a couple of minutes and you will notice that you already feel relaxed. Or if you prefer you could listen to some relaxing music before you start feel sleepy. And lastly, you could try the old but gold trick with counting sheep. It works like a charm.

#6 Sleeping pills

If non of the previous techniques does not help you get to sleep, you could then get a sleeping pill. It is not the best solution and I certainly would not recommend it but if you really need to go to sleep because when you arrive you will have some important tasks to do and you will not have time to take a nap, then you could try with sleeping pills.

But whatever you do, you should not try them for the first time on a plane. This is what a lot of doctors recommend, because this way you will not be aware of your body’s reaction to the medicine. This goes for every kind of medicine, so be very careful if you decide to use sleeping pills.

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