How to Organize Your Schedule Better
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How to Organize Your Schedule Better

It is already 2016 and a lot of people all around the world are motivated to do something better with their lives, to change something, and to be a better version of themselves. And that is why they prepare a new year’s resolution lists where they write down their goals with the hope of achieving them.

A lot of people complain about not having enough time to do all the things for the day. They either have too much work or forget about them. College students, on the other hand, complain about not having enough time to study and that is why they do not have excellent marks.

And since this year we hope everything to be better, including us, we have prepared for you some tips that will make your life more organized, so you will have all the time you need to finish everything you have started and to have the feeling that you spend your time well and nicely organized.

#1 Get yourself a calendar

If you have a lot of things to do not only for the week, but also for a few months, you need to write down your schedule on a calendar. Mark all the days that are important for you and you can even make the most important ones more visible by writing with bold letters.

Another way you can use your calendar is to use different colorful markers mark the events that are in one sphere of your life in one color and the other events – in a different color.For example, mark the important events with your work with blue, while the others which are about your family, you can mark with red.

Then put the calendar somewhere you can see it every day when you wake up, next to your bed or at your office. The best calendar would be the one which shows a couple of months on a same page. This way everything you need to do will be exposed right in front of your eyes and you will not forget about it and your mind will know that that day there is a special thing to be done.

#2 Make a list

You have probably seen or heard about people who are doing hundreds of things at one time and are still able to do everything perfectly. I had a colleague who studied and worked at the same time. She did also a couple of sports and she also had time to have fun with her friends. And, of course, she got only straight As. A person would wonder how this is possible or whether she has time to sleep, but in fact her secret was the nicely organized schedule she had. She wrote down everything in a special notepad and colored it with different markers. On the first page were the things she had to do that day, on the second she had to do till the end of the week, and on the third – the things she had to do till the end of the month.

It is possible to do a lot of things at the same time, you just have to learn how to organize everything. One of the best organization methods is writing, because this way you will see what you have written and will remember it better. The next time you turn on this page you will see it again, which will help you not forget about doing it and finding the time to do it.

#3 Drink water and eat healthy

When we are disorganized and we seem to forget everything fast this often means that we are tired and we lack energy. When a lot of people feel tired, they drink coffee, but instead of coffee drink water if you want to be full of energy throughout the day and not only for a couple of hours. The more water you drink, the better it is for your body. This way you will make your energy work for you. Water is claimed to be enemy number one to laziness, so it is the best weapon to fight it.

You should also remember to eat well. Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of your daily meals. They will fill you up with the energy you need without making you sleepy or tired. You have probably noticed that when you eat too much food, especially one which is very rich and difficult to digest. Such foods are the ones which are quite oily and have a lot of fats. If you want to be able to do all the things you have to do that week or month, avoid meals that will make you tired and sleepy unless you want to spend the day counting the minutes before bedtime.

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