How to Match Your Manicure to Your Prom Dress
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How to Match Your Manicure to Your Prom Dress

Once spring comes high school students begin to think more and more about their prom. They know that if they want to make this the best day in their life so far, everything needs to be well organized. And that is why some of them start their preparations quite early. Prom is a great way to celebrate youth and the coming of a new stage in one’s life.

We have also started thinking about the prom and decided to share some interesting information with our readers. Today we are not going to give you ideas for prom dresses. Better yet we are going to show you how to match your nail polish color with your prom dress. Are you curious to find it out? Then check out our suggestions!

#1 White prom dress

Girls who decide to wear a white dress to their prom want to be sweet on their prom and to have a great time there. For such kind of dress, they should not pick white for their nail polish color. It would be better if they add some other color that will not blend with the color of the dress and at the same time it will complement it and suit it perfectly. For this reason we have chosen coral for one of the nail polish options, or light blue. These two colors will match the color of the dress nicely.

#2 Black prom dress

There are a lot of girls that do not want their prom dress to be black. Usually this color is not chosen for this occasion because the prom graduates want something that will match their age and will look fresh and good for a party. But still, we cannot neglect the fact that black is an elegant color. It makes people look slimmer and it suits everybody.

The girls who decide to wear black on their special night have a lot of options for their manicure color. The first one we are going to suggest is red. Dark red hues, like scarlet, ruby, or crimson red, will be a great match to the black dress. Black and red is a combination that is a classic one and the colors go together perfectly.

Another nail polish color that will be a good match to a black prom dress is golden glitter. It will give a nice glamorous look to the outfit and it will make the girl sparkle. Golden and black go together nicely and are often chosen as a match for some evening dresses.

#3 Blue prom dress

The next idea we have prepared for you is for the blue-color lovers. This color is probably not the most common color for Prom night, but still it is a fresh one and there are great blue dresses that can suit the occasion.

The first of our suggestions for blue-color Prom dresses is a nail polish in a metallic black color. It may have some sparkle so it is not very deep. It will look great matched with one’s blue dress.

The other of our suggestions is again a metallic color but this time silver. The good thing is that this year manicures with mirror effect are very popular. This way the girl will wear a manicure that not only matches her dress, but the latest trends.

And the last suggestion for the girls who have decided to wear blue at the Prom is deep, dark nail polish. Light red hues would not match the blue color as much as the deep dark red ones, like wine red and mahogany red.

#4 Red prom dress

The next prom dress color is personally my favorite and this is red. This color is a bright one and will definitely attract attention. There are a lot of people who think it is better for girls that age to choose something lighter, like pink, instead of red, but still red is a color that will surely continue to be a part of prom dresses trends.

So, for the girls who are not afraid to choose such a dress for their special night, we have prepared a couple of nail polish suggestions for them. The first thing they should take into consideration is the red hue of the dress. If it is a regular red hue, then a nail polish color that will look good on it is a dark nail polish color. Red hues go well together but one should be careful how they match them.

You can also match it with some nude color nail polish if you want your manicure not to be in red. You can add some gold glitter with the nude color as a combination. This way the manicure will be a subtle one and will complement the color of the dress.

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