How to Make Your Womanly Space Smell Nice and Fresh All Day
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How to Make Your Womanly Space Smell Nice and Fresh All Day


There are certain things women are often afraid of talking about, or they are simply embarrassed. Such things are often quite intimate, like sex and vaginal health. Sometimes there could be a problem but ignoring it or feeling embarrassed to talk about it could make things worse.

Today we decided to give you some tips about your womanly space and how to make it smell nice and fresh all day long. They will also tips about improving vaginal health, which is really important. Sometimes bad smell could be the one to indicate for a health problem.

#1 Have a shower in the morning

There are a lot of women who are used to having a shower in the evening before going to bed. There is nothing wrong about it, but if you want to feel fresher in the morning, especially considering your vagina, it is a better idea to have a shower in the morning instead. This way you will feel fresher and you will also wake up faster if you feel sleepy.

You can also use some intimate wash with natural ingredients every now and then to keep the freshness longer. Some doctors do not recommend it, but if you do not use it daily it could still be fine. So, you can start your day with a clean and nice-smelling vagina.

#2 Use cotton underwear

The next thing you need to have in mind is the underwear you use. If you keep wearing synthetic fabrics and not natural ones, there is a chance that your vagina reacts to it. Often when you sweat, your vagina sweats as well and bacteria crawl there.

The synthetic fabrics will not allow your womanly space to breathe the way natural fabrics do. That is why it is much better to wear cotton underwear, it is much gentler to your body.

#3 Sleep without underwear

The next tip which will help you not only feel better but also improve your vaginal health is sleeping naked, or at least with no underwear. This way you will let your skin and vagina breathe.

I know it may sound a bit strange and you may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but soon you will start feeling better and even more confident about yourself.

The reason why this helps your vagina smell better and be healthier is that you “release” it from the constant clutch of your panties. This will improve its health.

#4 Have healthy food and drink plenty of water

The next thing that will really help your womanly space smell well is the food and liquids you take. You have probably heard that the beauty starts within, in this case literally – you need to have good products in order to smell good.

That is why you need to drink mostly, if not only, water, and forget about other kinds of liquids. The next thing that you need to do is forget about greasy, fast foods, and spicy foods. They are not very flattering to your vagina and also make it smell like fish, or some other bad smell.

That is why it would be better for your health and smell if you have fruits and vegetables, like cucumbers, pineapples, mangos, and other sweet fruits, and you can also have natural Greek yogurt – all of them are good for your vagina.

#5 DIY Vaginal Deodorant

The next thing you could try if you want to keep your vagina smell crispy fresh all day long is to create a vaginal deodorant yourself in order to help this part of your body smell nice and also to keep it healthy. You can actually use this natural deodorant on other parts of your body, like armpits, to help them smell good as well.

What you need to do to make this deodorant is to mix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda. Mix them well and add some water. Then apply the homogeneous mixture onto your vagina. This will neutralize any bad smells and it will also help prevent any fungal infections since coconut oil is an anti-fungal product.

#6 Add some vinegar into your bath

The next thing that will help you stay fresh and smell good is vinegar. It is used in a lot of DIY recipes because it has a lot of benefits. Every now and then, when you are having a bath, you could add some vinegar in it, about a cup of it.

There is no need to take such kinds of baths regularly, every now and then is fine. The vinegar will help kill bacteria which as a result will help your womanly space smell better and be healthier.

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