How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer
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How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer



A great manicure is truly a timeless beauty trend that will never go out of style, it’s the perfect way to pamper yourself and spend some quality ‘Me’ time! But if you have ever had a fresh manicure chip, you’ve probably wondered how to make nail polish last longer. During sandal season, it’s more important than ever to preserve a perfect pedicure, but the elements are stacked against us. While spending time at the salon can be indulgent and sometimes even pricey, no one wants to have to run back every week for a touch-up.


Trick #1: Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with white vinegar before applying basecoat. This removes any product build-up or natural oils on your nail beds that could create a barrier between the polish. Once your nails are dry, apply basecoat.


Trick #2: File and buff your nails prior to painting. This will provide your polish with an even surface to adhere to. If you have ridges or uneven nails, your polish is more prone to wear and tear. Also, you may consider cutting your nails short. If your nails aren’t physically touching as many surfaces, it reduces the risk of them snagging on things and chipping.


Trick #3: Always apply your base coat first. This will help you protect your natural nails from staining. It also provides a clear layer between your nails and the pigment of the nail polish.


Trick #4: Allow for enough dry time. Even if you’re incredibly fast at painting your nails, you should always make sure you have enough time to let them dry properly. Smudges and dings during dry time ruin all the hard work you just put in to your manicure.


Trick #5: Prepare your colourful nail polishes. As you prepare to start applying the lacquer, you will likely be tempted to shake your bottle of colour. Don’t! Shaking a bottle of polish infuses the colour with air bubbles, which lead to chips. Mix the polish by holding it upright and rolling it in your hands instead.


Trick #6: Apply two coats of nail paints over the tip of the nails as this always helps to protect the nail paint and make it last longer. The key to perfectly applying it like a pro is to always apply your polish in three narrow, even strokes, one down the middle and one down each side. You might always observe the nail paint from the tip starts fading first and then it moves towards the end. Save them by applying two coats. Avoid getting any polish on your cuticles, which lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping.


Trick #7: Allow enough time for your nail polish to dry completely. If you can’t wait that long, try some effective tricks for faster drying. For example, you can set your dryer on the low setting and temperature (don’t burn yourself), and allowing the blowing air to set your polish in place. The easiest way to dry fresh nail polish is to dip your hands in ice cold water. The cool temperature solidifies the molecules and turns your liquid nail polish solid within minutes. If you find this cumbersome, just put your hands inside your freezer for a couple of seconds. It should do the trick.


Trick #8: Apply your normal base coat. Then, finish with a gel topcoat to lock in colour and shine. You’ll get long-lasting gloss minus the time-consuming removal process of a salon gel manicure.


Trick #9: If you’re applying a top coat without sealing the edge of your nail, that’s exactly where you’re going wrong. The edge of the nail takes the brunt of the polish beating, so make sure you’re protecting it with a good cover of clear polish.


Trick #10: Nails grow out, and even if your manicure has lasted chip and peel-free for weeks, you will still have the growth, unpainted part at the base. Not to worry! You can refresh your nails by simply sweeping another polish, in a contrasting colour or glitter, over the base to cover up the unpainted part. Plus, glitter lasts longer than any other polish, so if your manicure is prone to chipping then consider glitter.

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