How To Make The Man Of Your Dreams Fall In Love With You
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How To Make The Man Of Your Dreams Fall In Love With You

Unrequited love is one of the worst diseases, there could be. Poets and novelists have started writing about it centuries ago, politicians, celebrities and some of the most famous people in the world have suffered from it. Sometimes when you are in love with somebody that does not feel the same way about you, you wish that you were sick, or that you have other problems, but definitely something not so terrible, as the agony of love. If you are going through such a period right now, you probably need a lot of help and understanding. And one more thing: tricks that will make the man of your dreams. There is a way for this to happen, ladies, so heads up and follow these tips.

Step 1: Know him and what he likes

If you are in love with somebody then you should not only be attracted by his appearances. If you do not know nothing about him and you have barely spoken to him, then think about whether you are really in love with him, or this is just one of your whims. If it is so, then it will pass away. But if you cannot stop thinking about him, then you are head over heels. So, if you want him to like you then you should try to have the same interests. Understand which is his favorite sports team and learn some things about it. If he has some special interests, then learn all about them. It could be games, movies, cars. Do your homework beforehand. This does not mean that you should lie to him, not at all. Just when he is talking about some of his interests, you may also participate in the conversation. And you can be sure that he will notice it. Smart women with more than one interests are very attractive after all.

Step 2: Do not chase him

This is one of the most important rules. You should never chase a man. The easier it is to have a woman, the less attractive she will appear. Men are the ones who want to chase their women. This is their instinct which could be found centuries ago with the cavemen. Fool him that he is the one doing the hunting. So, you should definitely not be in his face. Do not agree with his every word. You could even play from time to time hard to get. This is one of the things men love, even if they do not realize it sometimes. You arrange the things to happen, but do it in a way that he will think he is the boss.

Step 3: Experiment with your style

If the man of your dreams still does not pay attention to you, then you can try one more thing – experiment with your style so you can understand if this was the reason why he does not “see” you. If you two are colleagues, then he could be just used to the way you look and not think about you as a person he would like to date. Experimenting with your style is a powerful weapon for this. If you normally do not wear skirts and dresses, then try with them. Hop on some high heels, change your hairstyle, buy some new high heels. And definitely do not forget to smile a lot. A smile makes a woman even more beautiful because she would look nice and open to talks. When he sees that you have changed something about the way you look, he may also think twice about the way he looked at you before.

Step 4: Flirt

You should not chase the man of your dreams, but this does not mean that you do not have to flirt with him. On the contrary, you should do it, at least from time to time. Touch him whenever you have got the chance, put your hand on his shoulder, touch his hand carefully and gently so that he could tremble. When you are talking to him, put your hair on one side and touch it a little seductive. Your bare neck will be a signal to his senses that he has to “attack”. You can also play with your eyes, look at him straight in the eyes but also flirt with them. Learn to have that look as if you can eat him, but let only your eyes do the talking. Forget about any licking of the lips, after all you want to make it sexy not sleazy.

The last advice for you is if he still does not pay attention to you after all your efforts, just forget about him because he is obviously not worth it. And your prince riding a white horse will soon come, just be patient.

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