How to Make Settling in a Foreign Country Easier

How to Make Settling in a Foreign Country Easier

We live in the international world. We travel a lot either to go to work, or to go on vacation. But sometimes we decide to settle somewhere else. The reasons for these decisions are various: better work opportunities, a calmer place to live or following the love of our life. Even though this feels great, it is sometimes very hard to get used to the new environment and not to feel homesick. You compare everything with your home country, especially the things you do not like in the new one. In this case you need some help. Here are 7 steps, one for each day of the week, which will help you get used to the new country faster, just in a week.

Day 1: Stay calm

While you are still in the plane, or on another vehicle, try to sleep. It will help you feel more relaxed. Also try some breathing exercises, count to 5 while you are inhaling and exhaling. It may sound silly to some of you, but actually this exercise is very relaxing. Another thing you can try is visualizing. Imagine how interesting and good will be your life in the new country and you will not only calm down, but stimulate your destiny to be as you expect it.

Day 2: Buy the essentials

When you arrive, and after having a nap, go shopping. But just buy the essentials you will need for the first couple of weeks. You may need toiletries like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. You can make a list of all the things you will need so that you won’t forget anything. When you are prepared you won’t feel bad. And besides, you can try some local brands that are very good, but you could not find it in your country.

Day 3: Make friends

Don’t stay at home alone. Make friends and meet people. The more you are talking to people the better you will feel. If the environment is friendly you won’t even think about going home and this could be the right place for you.

Day 4: Go exploring

Since it is a new place, why would you want to stay home? There are many things to see. Make a lot of pictures and send them to your family and friends. Learn some of the history of this new place and try the local food. You will be surprised how fast you will fall in love with the place, you won’t even notice it.

Day 5: Set out a budget

In order not to worry about money set out a budget. By the 5th day you would have learnt how much money you will need a day to survive. And if you save some money you can spend them on something useless, as every woman would.

Day 6: Find your way around

Learn all the shortcuts and nearby stores you can afford. This will make you feel you know the place with your hand. This is one of the fastest steps to settle in the new country and to feel it like your own home.

Day 7: Call Home

Do not forget to call your family and friends regularly. The first week may be a busy one for you and you may forget to let your family and friends know you are ok. Calling them will make not only them calm down, but also you. When you know you are supported you will have the urge to go on.

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