How to Love Yourself
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How to Love Yourself


There are a lot of people who have such a low self-esteem that this becomes an obstacle in their everyday lives. And people are in this situation because they have not learned how to love themselves.

Despite all the self-improving and motivating methods, there are a lot of people who have not learned to love themselves. They often blame themselves and feel bad for their choices. This is unhealthy and prevents one from leading a normal and positive live.

Today we have decided to go after the answer of how to love yourself so that one’s life can improve. If you also need some help with this task, check out our positive ways to do it.

#1 Get rid of all the people that pull you back

The first thing that you need to do if you want to love yourself better is to get rid of all the people that make you feel bad and prevent you from being a strong human being. We often do not realize that the energy of the people around us can have some influence on us. And this goes for feeling bad, unmotivated and oppressed.

And if you are not sure whether there are such people in your life, it is better to take your time and think about it. Think how different people make you feel when you are around them. Do you feel angry or do you feel like an outsider? You may even let this person take all the credit for your work without even realizing it. Make sure you are honest about it and simply start being so close to these people. This will help you feel better and more positive about your life.

#2 Be selfish sometimes

Selfishness is not a quality that people consider a positive one, but sometimes people need to be a little bit selfish in order to have a better life. It is good to be nice and kind to people and to make them feel good by giving them things or compromising for them, but your life should not be only this. One should be sometimes selfish if they want to lead a good life. After all, people should not live for other people, but for themselves. And this sometimes means to be selfish and to do things that you like no matter what other people say about it.

#3 Laugh

There are a lot of people who hardly laugh. This is probably because they have a lot of problems, or their life simply went wrong. Laughing, though, should never be neglected. It is the best way to make someone feel good about themselves.

Surely it is not directly connected to loving yourself, but the more you laugh, the better you will feel. And when you feel better, the world around you seems better and brighter. So, start watching comedies, tell your friends jokes, or simply befriend funny people that will make you laugh. You will see that this will make you feel better about yourself.

#4 Meditate

Meditation is one of the top things that can help one be in alignment with themselves. So, if you are worried that there is no love in your life, not even for yourself, then you can start meditating. This way you will get in touch with your inner self. This will make you feel closer to yourself, no matter how stupid it may sound to you now. But if you try it, you will soon see that you can once again feel love.

#5 Do things that make you happy

There is one quality that a lot of people have and this is that they care too much about other people’s opinion. They are so worried that they could be mocked, laughed at, or that people will talk behind their backs, that they prefer to listen to other people instead of themselves.

Here is a simply example: a girl wants to be a hairdresser, but she becomes a lawyer only because it is more prestigious than being a hairdresser. Do you really want to spend your lives living for other people and not for yourself? How do you expect to love what you do if this is not your dream? Think about it!

#6 Just say it

It is no secret that positive affirmations can help you love yourself. That is why you need to include them in the things you need to do to become happier. But this does not mean only to repeat certain phrases. What you need to do is to try to believe in them. If you say to yourself that you are beautiful, you need to really believe in it.

Here is a simple exercise you could try. Stand in front of a mirror and start listing all the things you like about yourself. Do this every day and if possible twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. And the next day when you stand in front of the mirror, add another thing that you like about yourself. Make sure every day you list a new thing and you really believe this is true. This may take time and efforts, but the result will be amazing, you can be sure about that.

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