How to Lose Weight at the End of the Summer
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How to Lose Weight at the End of the Summer


There are a lot of people who decide that there is need to lose weight in spring because summer is coming and they are going to show their bodies at the beach. But summer should not be the only reason people are trying to lose weight. The most important one should be health and feeling good in your own skin.

So even if the summer ends, which will happen in a month or so, one should stay healthy and fit. Today we have prepared for you some tips and advices about losing weight not at the beginning but at the end of the summer. Check them out and try to follow them for a healthy weight loss.

#1 Make a plan

The first thing that you should do if you decide to lose weight is to make a plan. Write down your goals on a sheet of paper and put them somewhere to see them, like next to your bed or on your fridge. This way you will start and end your day with your weight-loss routine.

You should decide how many pounds you want to lose, how much free time you have for exercising and cooking, and what your budget is. Remember that planning is the starting point of losing weight.

#2 Hot weather – plenty of water

The good thing about hot weather is that it makes one sweat and at the same time makes one drink plenty of water which is an essential part of losing weight. You need to make drinking water an essential part of your weight loss routine if you want to succeed in the task.

If you are not used to drinking water, then create some reminders. Make sure you bring with you a bottle of water everywhere you go. Keep one on your desk at work and on your bedside table. This way when you want to relax from working, for example, you could drink some water.

You may also install some apps on your phone that reminds you that you have to drink water. Your phone will ring whenever it is time for you to drink water and you will know the exact amount of it you need to drink for the day based on your weight and height.

#3 Have seasonal fruit and vegetables

The next thing you could take advantage of the end of the summer is fruit and vegetables. First of all, they are very healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. And secondly, they do not contain that much calories which makes them a healthy way of losing weight.

There are, however, some important rules about having fruits. It is important to have them on an empty stomach. The best time of the day to have them is breakfast. They will give you the energy you need to go through your daily tasks and to wait till lunch time for something else nutritious.

Make sure you include in your menu seasonal vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. You could have salads with some roasted or grilled meat for lunch and only salad for dinner. You also should forget about sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Do not add them in your salads or cooking.

#4 Cook your own food

The next important thing you need to have in mind if you want to lose weight is to cook your own food. This way you will be absolutely sure how many calories the meal contains and whether it is healthy or not. You should forget about frying your food. Instead you need to bake, grill, or boil it. The less fat you add in your cooking, the healthier it will be.

And since we talk about cooking and a lot of people do not have time to cook during the week, you could help yourself by cooking the meals at the weekend and then freeze them. When you want to have dinner, just take out a portion of the meal from the freezer and unfreeze it. This way you will have food for the whole week.

#5 Do sports at the right time of the day

The next thing which you need to do in order to lose weight is to do some sports. Of course, it does not mean to do something you do not like or to spend hours doing it. You need to take into consideration the weather. Since it is still hot at the end of the summer, it will be best to exercise early in the morning or in the evening when the weather is cooler.

Start with something simple, like a long walk and a short jogging to warm up. The important thing is to be persistent and to like what you are doing. Otherwise, you will give up the next time you start doing some sport.

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