How to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank
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How to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank



You don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like it. There are many tricks of our trade that enable you to not spend a truckload of cash but still look on pointe and expensive. The below tips and tricks below will make any ensemble look luxe. You might even have a couple of pieces stashed in your wardrobe, you just haven’t realised how much chicer they will make an outfit. Now scroll down and learn the secrets!


  1. The clothes


Keep your outfit classic and stylish.  Inexpensive embellishments, like chains, studs, and beading, tend to look exactly that—inexpensive.  Quality, high end clothing is all about the craftsmanship. Loose threads, wonky seams and poor stitching are tell tale signs of lower-quality, cheap clothing. Sleek, classic pieces that are free of any add-ons, like logos or sparkles, tend to come across as much more high-end, even if they’re not. Well-fitted clothes make a huge difference and nicely define your body shape.  Dressing minimally will always look more expensive than piling on scarves and bangles.


  1. The shoes


A key to making your outfits look polished is coordinating your shoes and bag.  If you wear black shoes then carry a black bag. Brown shoes look great with a brown bag in the same colour tone. When in doubt, keeping your accessories in the same colour palette will ensure your look comes off as intentional, not haphazard.


  1. The Bag


You don’t have to splurge on a high-end designer bag just to make your looks expensive as the key lies to a polished and streamlined style of bags that will look fashion-forward and chic. As long as you have budgeted for it responsibly, a quality handbag is worth the investment. Look for one with a classic design in a neutral colour.


  1. The Belt


Wearing a belt well is one of those litmus tests of fashion that can make or break the entire outfit. Whether you want to create a fashion statement or add that little extra to a plain outfit, a belt alone will help you with that. You just have to know which belt too choose. If there are only two fashion belt types that you need and must have in your wardrobe, then it has to be a wide belt and skinny belt. Belts in simple lines and styles win the day because they’re versatile and won’t completely take the attention away from your clothes, making you look like you wear an expensive outfit.


  1. The Jewellery


Inexpensive jewellery is the ultimate impulse buy, and when chosen and styled thoughtfully, it can elevate any outfit. Opt for clear crystals over plastic gemstones and choose darker metals over excessively shiny ones. Jewellery is a great place to allot some of your clothing budgets because these accessories can change an entire look. They’re also ideal for testing a trend without spending a large amount of money on something that might go out of style soon.  Make some investment in a statement jewellery because it’s worth it and it can brighten up any dull outfit and make you stand out in the crowd.


  1. The Nails


We all know that getting a manicure done be expensive. Good thing there are ways to avoid going over budget when it comes to making your nails look good and stunning without breaking the bank. Almond shape is the sleek and elegant way to achieve a classic expensive look. If you crack, chip or break a nail, you must file or cut all your remaining nails to the same length. As for colour choices, it’s all about keeping it tonal and classic.

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