How to Learn a New Language for Free
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How to Learn a New Language for Free



We’ve got some great news for those who love learning foreign languages. As language learners in this current age, we are blessed with the existence of freely available multimedia sources for instruction. There are so many materials online, including websites, YouTube videos, apps, e-books, online study communities, and translators that can help you learn a new language, for free! A tight budget is no longer an excuse not to learn a language. And let’s face it – it is always a plus to learn a new language. You can make new friends from a distance, order a meal on your next vacation, brag in front of your friends and instantly boost your CV! This means that the benefits of learning a new language no longer have to come with a price tag! Now, we will share with you the most important methods to learn a new language for free.


  1. Find the perfect free language learning app on the Apple store or Google play depending on what smartphone you have. What app you choose highly depends on your learning habits. You may like lots of visual aids and sleek graphics to hold your interest. You may prefer motivation of quizzes, scores, and games so you can track your learning and compete with yourself. There are a variety of apps which helps you learn words and phrases in lots of different languages, including Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and many others. Some of the apps use text, pictures, and audio to help you learn a different language. Most apps teach you vocabulary words and phrases, both isolated and in sentences, and then quizzes you as you move forward through the levels to test your knowledge. There are also lots of pictures tied to common phrases that are spoken to you in the language you are trying to learn. Then, you have to repeat the words back to practice your pronunciation.


  1. Watch videos on YouTube videos to help you learn any language you want. The benefit of learning via video, besides the fact that it is free, is that one is provided with both audio and visuals, benefiting both learners who prefer listening and watching. There are many YouTube channels devoted to help the learning process. They include pictures, mixed sentences, pronunciation and even quick tests. Watching YouTube videos is definitely one of the best ways to actually learn something new. To get started, search within YouTube for your language of choice. Then, you will see the vast pool of available tutorials and educational channels dedicated to specific languages. Check which ones appeal most to you and start learning!


  1. Ask a friend of yours to teach you. If you have close friends whom you always admired for speaking Chinese, Arabic or Russian, then ask them to tutor you. This way you will study with a tutor face to face without hesitating whether you are advancing with your studies.


  1. Learn a new language by watching movies in different language than yours. It is a well known fact that this is one of the most efficient ways to improve your language skills. However, you cannot sit on the couch, stare at the screen, switch off your brain and expect to instantly become a language expert. You have to actually put some effort into it by trying to remember common phrases or writing down whatever actors say. Notes also create a good study guide for later reference. Of course, you won’t understand every single word but the pronunciation will stick in your mind and make learning a new language a bit easier. You can watch all the TV and movies you want and actually learn – no need to feel guilty anymore!


  1. Sing to learn a new language. It may come as a surprise to you but singing is an amazing way to dramatically improve your language learning strategy. It’s long been known that music makes things memorable. Learning the lyrics of a song helps you expand your vocabulary and teach you some slang and typical phrases. What is more, singing can actually help you reduce your foreign-sounding accent! Because of music, we can memorize ungodly amounts of information without real effort. There’s just something about melody that burn information into our heads while simultaneously having fun!

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