How to Get Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes Back

How to Get Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes Back


If you are suffering from eyebrow hair loss or if you want to get thicker lashes, there are some tricks you can use to get your eyebrows and eyelashes back. Keep on reading and discover some of the most effective, mind-blowing tips for the perfect look.

  1. Castor oil is being touted as a hair growth miracle



Castor oil is comprised of vitamin E, minerals, proteins and antibacterial properties. Apart from that they are also rich in triglyceride variant of fatty acids. It is these properties that make castor oil the most popular remedy for hair growth. Apply castor oil onto the eyelashes and eyebrows and massage gently for 3 minutes. Leave it overnight and wash off with lukewarm water in morning.


  1. Vaseline helps in speeding up hair growth.


Apply a small amount of Vaseline on a cotton ball and massage the area. Rinse your face afterwards to avoid any eye irritation.

3.Aloe Vera prevents breakage of hair.


Squeeze the juice out of Aloe Vera leaf and then gently massage your eyebrows and your eyelashes with this juice. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash out your face with clean water. However, if irritation occurs, discontinue using Aloe Vera on your eyes.

4.Coconut oil works as a conditioner, helping in getting your eyebrows and eyelashes back.


For best results, massage your eyelashes and eyebrows using coconut oil once a day. This will ensure that your hairs are thick, long and strong.


  1. Onions are good for hair growth.


This natural home remedy might not sound that appealing, but it has been a successful treatment for hair loss for decades. Simply peel the onions and chop them into small pieces. Squeeze the juice out and massage it into your eyelash and eyebrow hairs. Repeat the onion juice treatment daily to encourage hair growth.


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