How To Get The Best Bikini Wax Ever
Beautician waxing a woman's leg applying a strip of material over the hot wax to remove the hairs

How To Get The Best Bikini Wax Ever

A bikini wax is something not every woman is very happy about experiencing. But there is no other way. The truth is that we feel like that, because we don’t really know what to do and how to have a great bikini wax. Of course I am not saying that is a fun experience, but you could make it better and make the results even better.

  • Pick the right salon

So not any salon is the right type. Not every place that offers waxing is the best place. For example the salon where you do your hair or manicure, might not be the best option. So do your research. The best option is a place, which only does waxing. This means that they are pro in that area. You can call into the saloon and ask questions about the waxing rooms and waxers. This way you will be sure that the place is good.

  • Don’t DIY

Doing a bikini wax at home is absurd. And if you don’t have the money to attend a salon, just shave. Or if you are shamed – well, shave! Forget about doing that at home, especially alone. There is no way you can see and do it right from your point of view. And burning their skin happens quite often to women, who do their wax at home, alone. So skip it and go to an authorized place.

  • Try not be ashamed

So the shame of getting naked is normal. But is the same as when you go to the gynecologist. It is quite a normal thing for them – the doctors and the waxers. So don’t worry about. And the waxers usually have seen at least 20 more naked people before that. And they see thousands per years. So it doesn’t matter.

  • Don’t worry about your period

Many people say that it is for the best if you don’t make appointments for a bikini wax, when you have your period. But, the truth is, that it doesn’t matter. Unless of course you have enormously bad cramps. Remember tough to clean up and put on a tampon right before you go into your appointment. That way both you and the waxer will feel okay.

  • It doesn’t hurt that much

Of course, there is no way not to have any pain when you are being waxed. But let’s face it – it is not that bad. Especially after the first few times. And it gets better and you get used to it. Also the pain moment lasts only a deep, long breath. Then everything is fine. If you tough are afraid of the pain, take a pain killer half an hour before your appointment. This should kill your pain and make you feel better.

  • Drink a lot of water prior to your wax

Water is a key to keeping yourself hydrated. But it is also the best thing to help you during your appointment. This way you will help your skin to stay away from irritation, redness, ingrown hairs. All those things occur when you skin is too dry. But with water that can’t be the case.

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