How to Get Rid of Blackheads
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How to Get Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads are a very common problem not only among teenagers, but also among adults as well. Some people may pretend that they do not care about their blackheads, but the truth is that blackheads are quite irritating and it will be a pleasure to get rid of them and never having to deal with them again.

We cannot promise you that after trying the remedies we have prepared for you, you will get rid of blackheads for good, but you can be sure that for the time being you will be fine. So, check the remedies and tell us which one you like the most.

#1 Open your pores before you clean them

You may think that removing blackheads does not involve anything but your fingers, but this is not absolutely true. If you want to help yourselves and remove blackheads easily, then you need to open your pores as much as possible and then to squeeze them (if that is how you decided to treat them).

You will do this with the help of some hot water. Just wash your face with hot water, or steam up your face – boil some water and put your face over the steam. Because of the heat your pores will open up and then you will be able to remove black heads more easily. The important thing you need to remember is that you need torepeat the procedure twice or more a week. This way you will be able to clean your face well.

#2 Clean your face regularly

There are a lot of professionals that recommend washing one’s face at least two times a day – in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Maybe you have noticed that your facial skin is greasier in the morning after waking up. It is very important to wash this greasiness away if you do not want to end up having some annoying zits or having even more blackheads.

So, you need to make sure you keep your skin nice and clean. This also means that you have to invest in good products. When it is about your skin, you should not save money, but choose the best. This way you will not only get rid of blackheads, but you will also have stronger and fresher skin.

#3 Try natural remedies

If you are like me and prefer to use natural remedies to treat your skin problems, then I suggest you try with natural remedies for getting rid of blackheads. You may try two things. First, you may use tea tree oil.

Simply apply it directly on your blackheads and massage your skin a little. Leave it on your face for about half an hour and then you can rinse your face. The important thing you need to remember that you should only use tea tree oil for external use and never take it.

#4 Do not forget about prevention

One of the surest ways to get rid of blackheads is simply to learn how to prevent them. This is definitely easier that removing them later. First of all, you need to forget about heavy makeup and to apply foundation as little as possible. Heavy makeup, like foundation, clogs the pores which not only does not allow your skin to breath, but it also gathers dirt and results in blackheads.

There is another way you could prevent blackheads. You simply need to keep your hair clean. Of course, this does not mean that you have to wash your hair every day, but once or twice every two days is just fine.

This way the natural oils from your hair will not be transferred to your face, which can often be the cause of blackheads. Also make sure that hair does not touch your face too much, this way you will avoid spreading of dirt from your hair to your face.

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