How to Get Flat Belly with Abs for a Fortnight
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How to Get Flat Belly with Abs for a Fortnight

When the summer comes more and more people become concerned about their beach bodies. It is no secret that summer is the season when people show a lot of skin. And when one goes to the beach they would surely not like to feel self-conscious about their bodies.

People think that it is hard work having a toned and fit body and that involves a lot of exercises and starving. This, however, is not the case. First of all, it does not involve any starving. It is a combination of healthy food intake and physical activity.

Today we are going to focus on one part of the human bodies that both men and women want it to be flat and to have abs even – the belly. And since the belly is this part of the body that gains weight first and could often get bloated because of wrong food intake and so on.

Today we are going to show you some rules you need to follow in order to have a flat belly in a fortnight. And if you are stricter with your exercises and eating, you will even see some abs showing on the surface. So, check what you need to do!

#1 Forget about the late dinners

If you want to have a flat belly, then you must remember that having dinner after 6 pm is a no-no. It is even better to have dinner earlier, at 5 pm but if you cannot do it, then an hour later would not do any harm. This will help your body process the food before you go to bed. In the morning you will feel much lighter and less bloated than usual. If you continue following this simple rule, you will notice that your belly size is reduced. If you want to have a flat belly for the summer, then you need to be careful when you have dinner.

#2 Drink plenty of water

The next thing you need to start doing if you want to have abs and a flat belly is to drink a lot of water. However, it is also important that you have in mind the hours of the day you drink water. When you wake up in the morning you need to have at least a glass of water to get rid of the toxins and to speed up your metabolism.

You also need to avoid drinking water at lunchtime and dinnertime and to wait for about half an hour after you have had your meal to let your stomach fluids do the job and digest the food a little before you move on to drinking water.

#3 Do exercises at a specific time

And since we talk about flat bellies and abs, there is just no way to miss adding some physical activity in the list. If you are not a kind of person that would like to spend their day at the gym, do not worry, there are other things you could do. You can do some exercises at home. It is better to do them in the morning because at this time of the day your body is the most energetic. If you have the opportunity, you could train from 10am to 11am.

#4 Choose the best exercises for you

The next thing you need to have in mind is the exercises or the physical activities you need to start doing. Surely, it would be great to do some kind of crunches. You could start with 20 a day with a short break after the first 10. In two days increase the number by 5 and the next day add 5 more. While you are doing the crunches you do not need to hurry, just take your time.

If you are not much into crunches, you can do other kinds of exercises, like planks, push-ups, and squads. You can also start jogging. It will help you warm up and burn some fats. You do not have to focus only on your belly when you do the exercises but on some more general types of such which will help you train your whole body.

#5 Watch your diet

The next thing you need to have in mind when you want to lose belly fat is to avoid eating sweets, junk food, soft drinks, and other types of food that may lead to weight gaining and belly bloating.

Here is a sample menu that you could have for these two weeks: fresh juice or a fruit for breakfast at 8 am, for lunch a green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and some chicken steak without olive oil but with some herbs and spices. And for dinner at 6pm you could have again a salad but with some grilled fish instead of the chicken. You also need to forget about the snacks. Give your muscles food and not your fats.

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