How to Get Casual Waves

How to Get Casual Waves



If the almighty hair care gods didn’t grant you naturally curly hair, there is a simple solution to your problem. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to get casual waves! Next time you are looking for a new, fun beachy hairstyle, pull out your curling iron and get this amazing look in no time!

Step 1: Blow dry your hair until it feels completely dry. You may wish to use the diffuser attachment of your blow dryer. To encourage waves to form, move the dryer up towards your head allowing your hair to scrunch up onto the diffuser.

Step 2: To part your hair in the middle, use your comb to draw a line from the centre of your nose. Add a little leave-in conditioner on your ends and lengths of your hair. You can also invest in a special beach waves tousling spray to maximize volume and waves. Since you are about to use a heat styling iron, it is very important to add a heat protection spray. This way your hair will be protected from split ends, breakage, dryness and lack of luster.

Step 3: Once your hair is completely dry, separate your top section of your hair from the bottom. This way it will be easier and quicker for you to add the curls.

Step 4: Heat up your large-barrel curling iron. Remember that waves will not form if you try to curl your hair with the iron before it reaches the correct temperature. Then, take your curling iron and wrap a relatively small section of your hair around the curling iron. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the curl. If you want your hair to look longer, do not curl your bottom layers from the root to the end. Instead, place the iron in the middle and curl the last four inches. This way the uncurled section of your hair will be hidden by the top curls! Repeat the process with the next bottom section of your hair.

Step 5: Let the rest of your hair down and curl each section the same way.

Step 6: As a final step, shake your hair and apply some hairspray all over your hairstyle to keep your waves in place longer. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!



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