How to Fix That Broken Nail

How to Fix That Broken Nail

Okay, let’s face it – there is nothing worst than broken nails. I hate it. First of all it hurts. Than it is not pretty at all. And add to that the fact that one broken nail can ruin your whole manicure at a point where your nails are finally long and beautiful.

I was at that state until I found out that there is a simple way to fix the problem. You can do it at home and it takes less than five minutes!

Here is how:

  1. Start out by using a file over the nail bed. This will smooth everything out and it will give you a good base, so that you can go on.
  2. Use some glue over the area where the breakage is. Don’t apply too much though. Wait for it to dry.
  3. When it is dry file again, so that everything is smooth.
  4. Now you need a tea bag. A dry one for that matter. I know it is strange, but honestly it works! So cut a piece from the tea bag as big enough as to cover the area where your nail is broken.
  5. Use some tweezers to apply that piece of a tea bag to your nail bed – right where you nail is broken.
  6. Apply some glue and let it dry.
  7. Once it is dry file again. Smooth over all of the edges and go over the nail bed too.
  8. When it is all smooth you should apply a second layer of glue. This will make your nail more stronger and you will never see that breakage again.
  9. When dry once again file until smoothness.
  10. Finish off with two coats of a top nail polish. This will give your nail the shine you need.


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