How to Fill Eyebrows to Match Cat-Eye Liner

How to Fill Eyebrows to Match Cat-Eye Liner

We often talk about eyebrows and how to fill them in with color, but we never talk about the type of brow and how to match it with the lid makeup design. Some lid designs can’t handle any type of eyebrow shape and filling. You have to match them in order to look good. Today we will discuss the type of eyebrows that will look good on while wearing cat-eye liner. Take a look at the steps:

  • First, apply the lid makeup. The cat-eye liner is simple (usually), but you have to apply a few preparations in order to save it last longer. Such a preparing product is the lid primer. I recommend you to use a tinted primer in order create a contrasting base under the eyeliner. Then, draw the cat-eye liner with the famous flick and apply mascara.

  • So, the lid makeup is ready, now we have to pay attention to the eyebrows. When wearing simple makeup on the lids, like the classic cat-eye liner design, you have to create a simple and natural-looking eyebrow shape. First, groom the eyebrows if needed. Sometimes the hairs of the brows are too long and it will better if you trim the brows with scissors. Then, pluck the hairs that are out of the main shape and finally, comb the brows with the special brow wand.

  • Then, line the shape of the brow, but don’t thicken it too much, remember that we must keep the brows look natural and simple.

  • Then, fill in the eyebrows with color. I recommend you to use an angled brush for the filling part in order to create the most natural-looking texture of the eyebrow.

  • Then, highlight the brow bone with light concealer or special highlighter.

  • Finally, brush the brows with clean mascara wand to remove some of the excessive color.

  • Done!

how to fill eyebrows to match cat-eye liner

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