How to Fake a French Braid along the Hairline

How to Fake a French Braid along the Hairline


When in need of a simple change, bangs are our go-to. For the worst of hair days, try a braided bang. Done tightly, the style will last all day — no matter what weather throws your way.

Step 1: Start by creating a deep side part at least two inches back. If the hair is damp it’s easier to catch all the loose ends and form a nice clean braid. Part your hair symmetrically in the middle. To do this, simply draw a straight vertical line from the centre of the bridge of your nose all the way to the nape of your neck. This way you should create two relatively equal hair sections on each side of your head. For now, divide one section away from the rest of your hair using a rubber band.

Step 2: Grab your right-hand section and pull it from the back towards the front. Separate it into three sections and begin braiding towards your face.

Step 3: To make a nice braid, divide the hair into three strands. Cross the right strand under the centre strand and then cross the left strand under the centre strand.

Step 4: Since you want to make a braided headband, do not forget to follow your hairline and pull the braid out along the hairline.

Step 5: Following the same technique, continue braiding towards your face until you reach the end. Since you will need to secure both braids together when you are done, you won’t need elastic now.

Step 6: Create another braid similar to this one on the left-hand side of your head.

Step 7: Hold both braids with your hands and criss-cross them over each other.

Step 8: Take some bobby pins and secure the braids in place. Use booby pins to tuck-in any loose hair pieces around the braids as well. Spray the braided headband with hairspray and you are ready to go out!

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