How to Eat Clean – a New Healthy Diet

How to Eat Clean – a New Healthy Diet

Let’s be honest, how often have you started a diet when you wanted to lose some weight but it only lasts for about two days and in the end you give it up, because your will is not strong enough or because some of your friends has offered you a piece of chocolate or something else that is not included in your diet and you cannot explain to them that if you go astray only once, you will ruin your chances of returning to your diet. In the end, you are not satisfied with the results and you start looking for another diet. The secret to finding the ideal diet is that you do not have to think like you are on a diet, but think of it as a way of living. You should eat healthy and try to avoid dangerous unhealthy products. Now, we present to you the ideal diet. It is called the eat-clean diet. Here it is!

What is the eat-clean diet?

You probably think that eating absolutely clean products is something like the mission impossible. There is no way this could happen and only celebrities who have to look gorgeous and earn a lot of money could be able to eat absolutely clean, fresh and healthy products, without any added preservatives. You will actually see that it is not that difficult and everybody is able to follow the diet. The main principle in this diet that you have to follow is to know the path that your food is going through: from the dirt (if it is a vegetable) to your plate.

All the advantages of the eat-clean diet

  • it cleans your body from all the toxins

  • it reduces the sodium intake in your body

  • it does not allow you to eat a lot of meat

  • but it promotes the eating of more vegetables

  • and much more wholegrain products

Even though you may think of it as a diet it is not exactly one, it is more of a way of living. You do not have to think of it as something that will end in a few weeks and then you have to go back to your old eating habits. If you healthy body full of energy, then you should change the way you think. You should also know that if you want to lose some of the extra pounds you have with this diet, this will work a little more slowly than the other loosing-weight diets. But if you want actual results then have patience. You need to remember that this is good for your body, you are not forcing it to lose weight, something that it will later return to you, literary. So, after all of this talks about the diet, let’s see what you are allowed to eat and what you should definitely avoid. Here is a list of products that you can and should eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

Even children know that if you want to be healthy and strong you should eat vegetables. Of course, nowadays it is hard to find absolutely sodium-free vegetables if you do not grow them in your beck yard. But despite this fact fruits and vegetables are still good for you, they have a lot of vitamins and minerals and have a smaller amount of calories. So, definitely do not forget to include them in your diet even if you do not stuff yourself with them.

Meat and Fish

Again very healthy and delicious products that you should have in your meals, but do not think that you can eat only this. In one of your daily meals you can absolutely have meat or fish with a salad of fresh vegetables, but try to have something different for your next meal. If you have a friend who sells meat, buy from them and ask them for the best meat they could offer you. Even if it is a little more expensive, your body and health are worth it. As for the fish, you should eat it every week, with no exceptions, even if it is only for a meal. The best fish for this, and every other diet, are salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines and halibut.


Some people think that eggs have a lot of calories and that they should avoid them, but this is only a myth. Eggs should not be excluded from any diet, including this one. They have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the organism. So, if you like boiled eggs, eat them at least once a week, and even more.

Raw Products

Raw products are essential for this diet. This is because when you cook the food, some of it healthy ingredients disappear. This is why eating fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts is better than cooked ones. Some people also like eating dried raw meat like the native Americans did decades ago. After all, it is no wonder why they were so strong and healthy.

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