How to Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

For some women going shopping is one of the worst experiences ever. This is mostly because they cannot find anything that looks good on them or if they do, it takes them so much time and nerves that in the end they are not happy about their shopping. One of the reasons for this to happen is that these women are not aware of what looks good on their bodies. Accept the fact that not every piece of clothing will look as good on your body as on somebody else’s. There are plenty of fashion trends every year, but this does not mean you should wear them all. No, just choose the ones that flatter your body. And how to know which ones to do this? Here is how to dress for your body shape.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have a triangular body shape, then your hips and torso are narrower than your shoulders. And also your bust tends to be bigger. If this is true for your body type, then you should avoid wearing clothes that accentuate the upper half of your body, especially your shoulders, such as shoulder pads (forget about them), puff sleeves, big straps and big shawl collars. You should also avoid clutches. They are small and won’t accentuate the lower part of your body, which is what you need exactly. You need to accentuate the lower part of your body, the hips and the booty. Now you can wear skirts or trousers with details and volume on the hips. You can also wear bigger belts and big bags to balance the parts of your body.


Triangle Body Shape

Triangle body shape is the opposite of the inverted triangle. It is also called “the pear” sometimes, because it resembles the shape of a pear. If you have such body you need to do the opposite of what women with inverted triangle shapes do. You must avoid clothes that make your hips and booty look bigger, like trousers with big lines, or pockets on your hips, and big bags that are exactly at the level of the hips. Instead, you can wear clutches and other small bag, and if you want a bigger bag, then choose one with short straps that is at least at the level of your waistline. As for the clothes, you may choose wide-leg pants, which will make your silhouette longer and slimmer. Choose also blouses with wider necklines which will make your shoulders wider and almost as big are your hips.

Circular Body Shape

Women with circular body shapes have big rounded shoulders, big busts, rounded belly, rounder hips and booty. This body shape is also called “apple” because it resembles the shape of an apple. If this is your body type, then you need to avoid certain types of clothing, like these ones that draw attention to the middle part of your body, especially the belly. Always avoid wearing belts no matter whether they are small or big. With them you will only attract attention to your belly and will make it look bigger. You should also avoid blouses and shirts with sleeves that end somewhere in the middle of your belly, instead you should wear long sleeves. You should also avoid skirts above the knee even if you like your legs. Such short length will only attract attention to your middle part of the body. You should also not wear too much fabric. Choose clothes that are well-fitted and make your body longer and slimmer, like costumes, or dresses to the floor. They will cover your body, but it will not look like too much is going on. Shift dresses will also look good on your body because they will make the middle of your body look slimmer. You can also wear it with high heels to look even longer and slimmer.

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have such body type then your shoulders and hips are relatively equal in size, while your waistline is thinner, and in the end your body looks like and hourglass. You do not need to worry and try to hide your body, so avoid big clothes that will just cover you up. Accentuate your curves as much as you can and never try to hide them. Try with a pair of pants or jeans that will accentuate your natural waistline and will follow the curves of your legs. A wrap dress is another perfect example of what you should wear. Wrap the belt of the dress around your waistline to accentuate it. Another flattering piece of clothing is a V-neck top which will help you flatter your curves without exaggerating them. And if it is close-fitted it would be even better because it will also flatter your waistline. Combine it with a skirt that follows your natural silhouette, and you will look amazing.

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