How to Dress According to Your Body Shape

How to Dress According to Your Body Shape


There are a lot of women who find it hard to choose the outfits that will suit their bodies the best. This is mainly because they do not know what their body shape is. For example, have you ever seen a friend of yours wearing a gorgeous dress that you want to try, but it just does not look that good on you. This is because you and your friend just have different body shapes.

A certain outfit will look good on her, while another one will look good on you. And this is how things go. So, if you want to choose your outfits easily and fast, you need to know the shape of your body first. Today we are going to show you exactly this. Here are the 5 main body shapes and the clothes that suit each one of them the best.

#1 Apple body shape

The apple body is called this way not because women with this kind of body are fat or anything, but they have a big bust, wide shoulders, and wide hips. It is actually quite a feminine body and quite voluptuous. A lot of women with this body shape also have rounded belly.

And that is why they prefer to cover their bodies from top to bottom. And this is mistake number one. You could wear layered clothes and also fitted around your belly. This way you will not expose it, but you will not cover it completely – the perfect choice.

#2 Rectangle body type

Women who are naturally very slim have rectangle bodies. These bodies have equally wide shoulders and hips. Their booty is also not curvy, but a little flat. If you have this type of body, then you need to add some curves to your body. One of the easiest ways to do it is to wear flared dresses.

They will make your booty and hips area curvier. Another way of doing it is to add some definition around your waist or your shoulders or both. You could try with a scarf, or with some interesting decorations on your shoulders. There are a lot of things to try, you just need to be creative and not to be afraid to experiment.

#3 Hourglass body shape

This is a typical feminine body shape with big bust, big hips and booty and tiny waist. It is very sexual and seductive. If you ask me, every piece of clothing that exaggerates your curves will look good on you. You only need to feel comfortable in your body. Deep necklines and V-shape tops, for example, will look great on you and will accentuate on the best parts of your body. Cropped tops and short pants are one of the outfits you should definitely try in the summer and do not wonder why all the men are staring at you.

#4 Wedge body shape

This body shape is also called inverted triangle, because women with such body shape have wide shoulders and narrower hips, just like the shape of the inverted triangle. If you have such body shape, then you need to wear clothes that will draw the attention to the lower part of your body and will distract it from the upper part – your shoulders.

The first and most important rule you need to follow is to never wear boat necklines, because they will make your shoulders look even longer. The next thing you need to remember is to wear wide and colorful bottoms and flared skirts, because they will some shape and curves to your booty and hips.

#5 Pear body shape

This body shape is also called Triangle body shape, because women who have it have wide hips and booty. This is probably the most curvaceous body type and the one that men just cannot help, but stare at. If you are looking for the best outfit for this body shape, then you should definitely try with clothes that will draw attention to your shoulders and bust. A-line dresses and strapless dresses are a perfect example of outfits that will look good on your body. You could also wear boat necklines, because they will make your shoulders wider.


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