How to do the Sexy, Messy Ponytail

How to do the Sexy, Messy Ponytail


Who doesn’t love ponytails? They are the perfect hairstyle for special occasions as well as for everyday looks. Creating a sexy, messy hairstyle is an easy way to spice things up, especially when you have to run out of the house last minute. Follow the simple steps below and you will learn how to recreate this amazing ponytail hairstyle!

Step 1: Use your fingers to divide your hair into two sections. Separate the upper portion of your hair away from the rest.

Step 2: The most important step is to apply volume to your crown. Whether your hair is long or short, a little lift will make your messy ponytail even more amazing! Hold the upper section with your left hand and tease the crown area with your right hand, raking it from the ends towards the roots. If you want to add additional volume, place a comb in the roots and apply firm brush strokes downward to the scalp. Continue teasing with the next small sections of hair until you are satisfied with the final result. Use enough hairspray to secure the volume.

Step 3: Take two small sections of your hair in line with your temples.

Step 4: Holding the two sections with your hands, crisscross them over each other at the back of your head.

Step 5: Then, crisscross the two sections underneath the rest of your hair. Pull them tightly to make the actual tail. Use clear hair elastic to secure the low ponytail at the base. If you want to hide the elastic, grab a small piece of hair underneath your ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band. When you have covered the hair elastic, pin the end of the hair strand underneath your ponytail with a bobby pin. Finally, loosen the top section of your ponytail so that the volume stays in place. Apply hairspray all over your hairstyle and you are ready!


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