How to Do the Chic Low Knot

How to Do the Chic Low Knot


Jump on the low knot bun look while it’s hot this summer. The low knot is so versatile and perfect for those moments when you’re in a hurry. This low updo can be done in a matter of minutes by skilled hands.

How to tutorial create the slick and textured low bun as seen on the red carpet, you ask? Just follow the simple steps below and you will discover the little secret to the perfect chic low knot!

Step 1: Apply an extra strong mousse to your towel-dried hair.Loosely comb your hair back to the nape of your neck with your fingers.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair to the back to lay for texture and volume.To create a bit of height, backcomb the hair around your face.

Step 3: Secure your hair into a pony, raking mousse through the tail, and twisting it tightly. This will ensure that any unwanted flyaways are hidden. Secure your hair with elastic before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: A few extra twists take this bun from average to gorgeous, without being so done up that it looks like you’re going to prom. Take your ponytail and wrap it around your bun and secure with bobby pins.Next, pull the ends of the pony through the centre, letting it loosely hang out of the knot.

Step 5: Hide your ends underneath the knot, then bobby pin them and any remaining flyaways into place.By pulling out pieces, it makes the style look undone and not too ladylike, so make sure you do that.

Step 6: Use your fingertips to gently create a slight part from the middle of your head to the top of the knot.Adding a welcome touch of elegant romance, this wispy hair bun is perfectly pretty.

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