How to Deal with the Period of Your Life when You Do Not Want to Do Anything
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How to Deal with the Period of Your Life when You Do Not Want to Do Anything


There are certain periods in one’s life when they feel like there is nothing they would like to do. Every day is the same: they go to work, come back home, sleep and repeat. This often happens when a person has not had a vacation for a long time, or when they come back home from a vacation.

Basically people feel depressed and just not in the mood to do anything at all. If you endup in a situation like this you may help yourself escape it without having to rely on other people. Here are a few things that you should try in such times of your life.

#1 Think first of yourself

There are a lot of people who turn their backs on their own needs and preferences in order to help other people fulfil their dreams, or not to make them mad. It is important to know that from time to time a person needs to be selfish. Stop thinking only about the others and start thinking about yourself.

Take your time and learn how to refuse other people. They should not take advantage of you only because you are too good to refuse them. You should be the master of your life and you are the best person to turn to if you are in need of help.

So, take your time to really awaken your desire for living and think only about yourself and what you want and not what other people tell you that it is right to do. Other people often want to fix their own mistakes by telling others what is the right thing to do, but this does not mean that they are always right. Take time to listen to your own heart.

#2 Do not be too moral

Sometimes in order to deal with temptation you should give yourself to it. In other words, if you are way too moral, it does not mean that this would make you happy. On the contrary, it could be the main reason for your not wellbeing.

Take your time to date different guys, flirt with them and just let yourself go. This could really make you feel better and to make your priorities straight. Forbidden things are the sweetest ones and if you give yourself to them, this could really help you escape the terrible mood you are in.

#3 Express your feelings

The more you hide your feelings, the more miserable you will be. It does not matter if it is about love or anger, you should let yourself go from time to time and actually allow yourself to be human. There are a lot of people who think that emotions make you weak, but this is not true. They are the ones that make you a person and after all this is the most important thing.

Hiding your emotions can really suppress you and make you feel weak and with no direction in your life. And you may not even realize that you are not feeling well just because of this. So, if you notice that you lack any desire to do things in your life, then you may start expressing your feelings more and you will feel much better.

#4 Visit unknown places

If you are lost and you cannot find your direction in life, try to search for it by giving yourself a little walk. It is best to go to places you have never been before no matter if it is about visiting some neighborhood in your town you have never visited, or to go to unknown city/town and to walk through it. It is important to take this trip on your own. It will give you a sense of strength because you are learning how to rely on yourself by literary finding your way – both to your soul and your way back home.

#5 Start doing sports

There are people who only exercise in order to look good. However, doing sports can really fill you with energy and make you feel good about yourself. Surprisingly enough, a thing that you think it is exhausting you can actually bring back the desire to lead a normal life. It is best to do the exercises in the morning. This way you will have energy throughout all of your day and you will also not need coffee to wake you up and refresh your mind.

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