How to Create Puffy Bun

How to Create Puffy Bun

If you have long hair, you must learn how to create hairstyles, which are specially developed for long hairs. Such a hairstyle is the puffy bun. If you want to create an elegant look, that’s the right place for you. Let me show you how to create this design. It is quite easy. Here are the steps, follow them one by one if you want to get the very same look. Let’s get started:

  • Not only that the hair must be long for this hairstyle, but it must be also straight and clean. In order to achieve such a condition, you must wash the hair if the roots are greasy, or if you don’t have enough time to jump under the shower, you can always use dry shampoo, it will create even better effect, because it creates a lifting effect on the roots. Then, you should straighten the hair with a flat iron, but protect the hair from the heat with a thermal protector. Then apply smoothing mousse in order to tame the flying hairs.

  • Once the “canvas” is ready for the application of the “masterpiece”, you should tie the hair into a middle-placed ponytail. Tie it tightly with an elastic hair band.

  • Take a teasing comb and apply the back-combing technique to the whole tail. This trick will create the puffy look of the bun afterwards. And if you want to create a long-lasting effect, you must apply hair spray on each layer before teasing it with the comb.

  • Lift up the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins above the hair band.

  • Fold the excessive hair of the tail back to the bottom and secure it again with bobby pins.

  • You can spritz the whole hairstyle with hair spray one more time to make a sleek and organized texture of the bun and the top layer of the hair.

  • All done!

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