How to Create Elegant Chignon on Short Hair

How to Create Elegant Chignon on Short Hair

There is a need for such tutorials because it can get pretty hard to stylize your short hair whatever you try to achieve without any particular reason at all. It just doesn’t work. Some strands get out of the bun, or your whole head is covered in flying hairs, which can not be tamed by a ponytail. That’s why I decided to save you all the trouble with your short hair. After all we are right in the middle of the holiday season and there are a lot of parties and event to attend, which mean that you will have to achieve different designs for your holiday look. The fancy hairstyle can be created even on short hair. It is quite easy if you learn how to apply the right techniques and tricks. I will show you a few steps, which will reveal you the simple techniques for creating an elegant chignon on short hair. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one:

  • The trick is to tie the hair layer by layer, not the whole hair at once. First, take the hair section from the crown area of the head. Divide it in two parts and twist it one to another into a rope.

  • Tease the rope with a comb by using the back-combing technique. This little trick will create a volume of the bun afterwards.

  • Roll this twisted rope and secure it into a top-knot bun.

  • Now take the layer of hair under that bun and repeat the same steps – twist, tease, roll and secure. You can even spritz the small buns with hair spray in order to secure a better grip.

  • And finally, lift up the lowest layer of hair into the same bun.

  • Secure everything with bobby pins and hair spray in order to secure the whole hairstyle.

  • And voila! That’s how it’s made. Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas!

how to create elegant chignon on short hair

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