How to Cope with Your Anger
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How to Cope with Your Anger


Nowadays there are plenty of people who are under a lot of pressure and this results in their communication and relationships with other people. They can often can start yelling, or be very snappy, or be over-the-top sarcastic.

All of this is triggered by some emotions or the piling up of all the stress and worries in one’s life, but often one does not even know the reason for the emotions. They can ruin their life because of all the anger that they have inside them.

It does not matter if you are generally a nice and patient person. You can also have such angry moments in your life. You can express your anger at the wrong time and place and then to regret about it.

In such cases it is best to know how to deal with your anger and to tame it so you do not do some silly things. Today we have prepared for you some tips about dealing with anger. Try to follow them when you are in such a situation.

#1 Take deep breaths

The first thing that you need to do if you want to tame your anger at some point is to start taking deep breaths. Make sure you do it slowly, or at least try to do it slowly. This will slow down your pulse and will help you relax.

The next thing that you need to do while you are taking deep breaths is to count to five. Count to five when you inhale and when you exhale count backwards from five. This will also help you relax quickly.

Some experts even recommend doing this inhale-exhale counting exercise five minutes a day, every day, so that you no longer feel angry, stressed, or even upset. This will help you feel much more positive about your life. It is definitely worth trying even if you do not believe in it at first.

#2 Drink some water

The next thing that can help you relax a bit at some angry moment is drinking some cool water. This may sound silly a bit but it can really help, especially if you do it correctly. You need to get a glass of water and to start slowly drinking it thinking of something positive and relaxing.

Water has a memory and it can reflect emotions. If you are thinking of good emotions while you are drinking the water, they will come inside your body together with it. You need to make sure this includes no negative thoughts while you are drinking it. And also water will make you feel fresher and will give you some energy.

#3 Go for a walk

The next thing that can really help you deal with anger is going outside for a walk. You probably remember watching some movies where all the main characters decide to go for a walk in the park when they have some dilemma in their lives.

Well, this is surely not accidental because fresh air, nature, and some physical activity, in this case walking, can help you relax and clear your thoughts. You will have a new look on the situation, a more relaxed one, and you will deal with your anger a little.

#4 Go for a run

Speaking of physical activities, you can go for a run instead of going for a walk and this will help you cope with your anger even faster. This is because you will exhaust your body and you will send all of your “angry” energy to your running.

The more tired you are, the less angry you will feel because your body will be focused on getting its energy back. Another reason for running to deal so well with anger is that you will be distracted from the thing that has made you angry thus will relax faster.

#5 Write it all down

The next tip in our list works for all kinds of bad emotions actually. It does not matter whether you are angry, sad, or disappointed actually, if you sit down and take time to write on a simple sheet of paper how you feel, like every bodily reaction that you can sense, you will be able to deal with this this emotion more easily. It is a psychological trick actually and it works every time.

If you write it all down, you will get the chance to take a moment and to really express your feelings without snapping or yelling at people. The sheet of paper will actually be your vent through which your negative emotions can go out. After you are done with writing, you can tear it into pieces and this will be the literal “getting rid of the anger in you” moment. You will then feel better. And if you want faster and better results, combine some of the tips from this list.

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