How to Care for Your Hair in the Summer
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How to Care for Your Hair in the Summer


Summer is a season that a lot of people love but, unfortunately, it comes with its disadvantages as well. Summer sun may bring us nice suntan, but this is neither good to our skin, nor to our hair. Many women are aware that they need to protect their skin from the strong summer sun, but they forget that their hair also needs protection.

The strong sun rays in the summer have a negative effect on your hair and make it weaker and fragile. If you want to have strong and shiny hair in the summer as well, then you need to take extra care of it. We have prepared for you some advices that will help you have perfect hair in the summer.

#1 Wear a hat

The first thing you may start doing when you want to treat your hair well is to start wearing a hat if you normally do not. This way you will block the sun rays and they will not hit your head directly. At the same time you will protect your head. This way you will make sure that some really fashionable accessory can be very helpful as well.

#2Avoid salt water

The next thing you could consider in the summer is to avoid dipping your hair in salt water because it will exhaust it and will make it dry. And when you add the strong sunlight at the beach to it, the effect on your water will be even worse.

This advice is not very easy to follow if you intend to go to the beach and have a swim. But at least you can be careful and not dip your hair in the water. You can tie it up in a bun. This way it will not get in your way and you will feel comfortable while you are swimming as well.

#3 Use sun-protection serums

The next very useful you may try in the summer is to apply hair protection serum on your hair what will reduce the negative effect of the sun on your hair. You also need to be consistent when you apply the serum and you also need to apply it even if you do not go to the beach but have a regular day in the city. This way you will be sure your hair is protected all the time.

#4 Stay hydrated

If you want to take good care of your hair in the summer, you need to protect it not only from outside but from the inside as well. This means that you need to drink plenty of liquids, especially water. As you probably know, hair consists mainly of water and in order to keep it strong, you need to give it what it is made of – water.

#5 Trim it

The next thing you also should consider doing for your hair in the summer is to trim it. In fact, it is actually better to cut it short, or at least shorter than it is. This way, when you have removed the dry ends, your hair will not get exhausted that quickly in the summer.

It is better to trim it more often in the summer than having dry hair with a lot of slit ends which surely are not very good-looking and do not make one’s hair look strong.

#6 Do not wear your hair loose

The next thing which you should consider doing in the summer is not to wear your hair loose too long since this way it will be exposed to the negative effect of the sun and the wind in the summer and as a result it will be weakened and dried. It is much better to tie your hair up in a ponytail, or in a bun than to wear it loose. And besides these two hairstyles are some of the top ones this season.

#7 No heat

The next thing you need to consider doing if you want to protect your hair in the summer and to make it stronger and less fragile is to forget about using heat on your hair.

This means no curling or flat irons should have to do anything with your hairstyle. It is much better to wear it natural and to keep it strong and shiny than exhausting your hair additionally in the summer heat only because you want to change its shape.

You can stick to methods which involve no heat in strengthening or curling your hair. They are very popular nowadays because women realize that the health of their hair is very important in order for them to have strong and beautiful hair. And this, of course, is connected to heat and keeping it away from your hair.

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