How to Brighten Up Your Eyes and Makeup

How to Brighten Up Your Eyes and Makeup


Let’s face it – we would love to live in a world where we always get a full eight hours of sleep a night – but that’s just not reality. Sometimes we stay up way too late clicking around our follower’s Instagram stories or watching our latest Netflix obsession till 3 AM. And in the morning, we see the end result – tired face with dark circles underneath our eyes. If this holds true for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Since your eyes are the most important component in looking fresh and awake, you need to know how to brighten up your eyes and overall makeup. There are several products and ways of applying makeup that will totally transform your look and make you look well-rested and awake. In this tutorial you will learn the freshest way to score attention-grabbing eyes in no time. For this trick to work, you will need white eye pencil and concealer. These are definitely one of the best makeup products to brighten your face. When shopping for concealer, choose one that is a few shades lighter than your actual skin tone so that it brightens and highlights instead of just fading in.

Step 1: Before you begin your application, it is important to always wash your hands before doing your makeup. Prepare the skin with moisturizer before applying makeup. Your fingers blend so much better than a sponge or a brush, and it’s quicker.

Step 2: Now grab your concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Then, squeeze a small amount of it on the back of your hand. Try not to squeeze too much product because you will need just a few drops. Take your small and soft makeup brush to dab its bristles onto the concealer and apply the product in the inner corner of the lid and underneath your brow.

Step 3: Lightly dab a thin layer of blotting powder.

Step 4: Finally, apply a small amount of white eye pencil along your waterline. You should be careful while using white eyeliner because if used too much, your eyes will end up looking weird and super unprofessional. Now you have brighten up your eyes!

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