How to Become the Best Cook Ever
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How to Become the Best Cook Ever

How many times can you think of when a family member has made fun of your cooking, or when you are constantly told that you should learn how to cook? A modern-day woman can often find herself in a lot of these situations. The idea that a woman should know how to cook is still present in the minds of billion people around the world.

And if we have to be honest, knowing how to cook can really help you sometimes. For example, the dishes that you order in a restaurant you can learn how to cook them themselves, which will cost you certainly less money. In fact, cooking is an activity which a lot of people find relaxing. And who knows, you may also find cooking relaxing and quite pleasant, so it may turn into your favorite hobby.

That is why today we have decided to reveal the best tricks one can try in order to become the best cook in the world. Surely, it would take some time, but after all, you cannot hurry the good things.

#1 It is not necessary to use all the products in your fridge

A lot of people think that if you have to cook something delicious, this means that you have to use a lot of products, including ones which are very expensive and one cannot find easily. In fact, this is a completely wrong statement. Some people can make magic out of 2-3 products. And yes, in that number water is also included. You just need to know how to combine things. For example, you can make some sweet buns with some flour, water, eggs, and some chocolate to fill the buns with. It can be more delicious than you have expected. So, when you are still learning how to cook, start with some simple recipes, that do not require a lot of products, time or skills.

#2 Use the right tools

Cooking is like every other activity. If you do not have the right tools for it, you are not going to enjoy the benefits of your cooking. It is like doing some great makeup, but if you do not have the right brushes or the right eyeshadow colors, your makeup will be completely different from what you have expected. The same is with cooking. If you use, for example, a fork to beat the mixture you are making and not a mixer, you will have two different mixtures. And if you are using castor sugar instead of the ordinary one, you will again have a different type of meal. You know the saying that the devil is in the details. Well, in this case this is absolutely so.

#3 Practice, practice, practice

It is no secret that if a person wants to be good at something they need to practice. And this also includes the people who consider themselves talented. One reason you should practice a lot when learning how to cook is because this way you will remember what you have done the previous time and whether it was good or bad decision.

Practice also requires learning the specifications of your oven, that is if you are learning how to bake some meals. It is important to know that every part of the cooking process has its share in the end result. So, you need to make sure everything goes your way. And the easiest way to do this is to practice. Once you have learn all the subtleties of the recipe you are practicing, you will not need any help and you will become quite good at doing it.

#4 Have fun

If you do not like cooking and you are constantly complaining about how hard it is to do certain recipes, you are never going to like cooking. One of the most important rules, if not the most important one, is to like what you are doing. Some people say that if you are not cooking a certain dish with love, it will never going to turn out delicious, no matter whether you are using the best products from the market or whether you are following the recipe exactly the way it is.

If you do not like cooking in general, do not push yourself to do some very hard recipes. Find a dish that you actually like doing, maybe your favorite one. This will encourage you to feel better about spending your time cooking.

Another interesting idea that may make you like cooking is when you have a person to cook for. When you know that you are cooking one of your parents’ favorite meals, for example, you will hardly want to disappoint them, so you will do your best to prepare the meal in a way they will like it. Believe it or not, but this actually will make your like cooking more, after seeing the happy faces of the people when tasting it.

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