How to Avoid Getting Food Sick While Traveling

How to Avoid Getting Food Sick While Traveling

Traveling is not only about seeing new lands, but it is also about experiencing new cultures and flavors. Trying local dishes could be a big part of what you trips are made of. At the end of the day, no matter where we are we really do need to eat. So why not just give a go at the local cuisine and try stuff we wouldn’t normally try at home.

Being curious comes both with ups and downs. The great thing is that it is amazing to gather new emotions and experience flavors you haven’t. But eating out (actually no matter where in the world you are) has a bit of a risk to it. You never know what might happen, how fresh the food is or how clean the kitchen is. And I am not saying that it is not the same thing in your town, but when you are on a trip, you certainly don’t want to get food sick. Not that you want it at home, but at home you have your doctor and stuff like that.

So instead of taking a risk and probably missing the whole travel experience if you get sick, just learn how to be safe, when traveling and eating out.

Say ‘NO’ to:

  • Ice – you never know how clean the ice in the water you are drinking is. The ice could be made out of tap water, which could be holding bacteria that you are not capable to put in your system. So for a better outcome just avoid the ice.
  • Unpasteurizeddairyproducts – this is for your own good. You cannot know the date when something was made or how. Eat only dairy (including cheese and yoghurt) with a label, where you can check the expiration date.
  • Cold meat platters – you should stay away from those and this is because when the meat is cold and it has not being thermally cooked, it could be holding bacteria, that could cause food poisoning.
  • Fish organs and shellfish – in this case I am talking about clams, mussels, oysters and anything of that kind that you could think of. Seafood as a whole could cause intestinal problems. And especially if it is not fresh. Here applies the same rule – if you decide to have seafood, just have it thermally processed.

Restaurants, bars, cafes

Eating out is a main thing when going abroad or on a trip. But with the modern age, you could always check the places you are eating at or planning to go to in prior. Just download the Foursquare app – there people give reviews on restaurants and places like that and usually we can gather quite some good information about a certain place. If you want to plan in prior you could just read online, because let’s face it – if many people God food sick in a certain place, they would probably write online somewhere that it is bad and that they don’t advise others to go dine there. Just do your research and I think you would be as safe as possible.

One other thing that can be kind of assuring that a place is good – if there are many people, it probably is good. Why would the people be there if it is not? So go with the flow.
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