How are Your Fingers Connected to Your Emotions?

How are Your Fingers Connected to Your Emotions?

Why do some people suffer from some kind of diseases, while others do not? So, say it is a destiny, while others say that a human’s health is connected to our emotions. If we feel bad, sad, or angry, we are more likely to suffer from diseases, compared to people who are positive and always try to find the good side of any problem.

On the other hand, there is the Chinese medicine, one of the oldest medicines in the world, which still has a lot of people who practice it and cure themselves. This happens by massaging or pressing some particular spots on a persons’ hands. A certain spot is connected to a certain bodily organ. If you massage or heat this spot for some time, you will be able to feel how this organ starts to work easily. If you have a headache, for example, by massaging the spots on your hands, which are connected to the head muscles, you will get rid of the pain without any medicine. Imagine that you could do the same with every pain you have. You can cure any pain starting from minor colds, and ending with much more severe illnesses.

How does the fingers-emotions method work?

Today we are also going to discuss why fingers are connected to our emotions. Or in other words, how Chinese medicine is connected to the emotions we feel, and which of our fingers corresponds to which of the emotions we can go through. And especially the “bad” emotions that are connected to the physical pain we have. By learning on which part of your hand every bad emotion is, you can control it by massaging the spot. In other words, you will calm down, and you will not have to deal with health problems caused by your emotional state. This is good both for your current state of mind, and your health.So, here are the fingers and the way they are related to our memories.

The Thumb – Worry
The first finger in our list is the thumb. And it is connected to the emotion “worry”. When you are worried you feel some unpleasant feeling in the stomach, maybe in the legs, other times you feel like you are going to vomit. But even it is easy to tell someone to calm down, it is not so easy to do it. So, what you can do to ease these reactions caused by worries, start massaging your thumb for at least a minute. You could even press it tightly with your other hand. After that you will feel that the unpleasant sick feeling is gone. You will probably still be worried, but it will be definitely less, and you will feel more relaxed.

Index finger – Fear
The next finger is connected to another bad emotion, which is fear. If you think about it, children tend to feel this emotion more than adults, because they have vivid imagination. But there are certain cases when adults tend to feel fear, like a wild animal is preparing to attack them. When you fear of something you cannot think properly, that is why you need to calm down by pressing or massaging your index finger. By soothing this emotion, you will avoid toothache and back pain, which are connected to this finger and this emotion.

Middle finger – Anger
How many time can you think of that you have been mad at someone that you even started yelling at them? Probably a lot of times, if you are very passionate person. But think about it. Would you want to lose a friend, or your job (depending on the situation), or to even ruin your health because of an emotion? If not, when you get angry, calm yourself by pressing your middle finger for at least a minute, and breathe deeply. By doing this, you will also get the chance to cure dry coughs, mental fatigues, and eye strains.

Ring finger – Grief
This is another quite powerful emotion, if not the most powerful one. If you have tried to calm yourself down when you were grieving, then you should know how hard it is to escape from it. So, what you can do is to press tightly your ring finger for at least a minute. After that you will notice that your breathing is coming back to normal, even if you still are quite sad.

Pinky – Trying to pretense
When you do not want to show your emotions to the people around you, but you are not a good actor/actress, there is still a chance you can hide them. Sometimes this refers both to good and bath emotions. Remember laughing at a place where you should have been serious, like being in class? Well, it happens to a lot of people, but if you do not want to feel embarrassed, press your pinky. By doing this you will calm down your nerves, and you will bring back your good mood.

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