Having Social Life with Little Money? Mission Possible!
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Having Social Life with Little Money? Mission Possible!


It is no secret that if one has a lot of friends and acquaintances they need to stay in contact if they want to continue being close to them. This often means that one needs to spend money on restaurants, pubs, or clubs. The more one goes out, the more money they spend. And a problem arises when one does not have enough money to attend so many social events and places.

So, what to do if you want to stay in touch with all those acquaintances of yours when you do not have enough money for this? Firstly, remember that you can have the best of both worlds and there is no need to try to hide or avoid those people. Today we are going to give you some tips that will help you stay sociable and still save money. Here they are!

#1 Have something to eat before you go out

The first thing which you may do if you have to meet some friends of yours is to make sure you are not hungry when you go out. This way you will not be tempted to order some expensive meal from the menu. You could simply buy a salad and something to drink which will be much less expensive than ordering a three-course meal. You could also make sure that the drink you order is a big one so that you will not have to order another drink once you have finished yours.

#2 You choose the place

It is not necessarily all of the places you and your friends meat to be in some restaurant. You could suggest to go to a café instead, or why not a walk in the park, or in some mall. Of course, if you are trying to save money, you could be tempted to buy something from the mall, but at least you will not spend money on drinks and food. And if you decide to go to the park instead it will be even better because you will have some physical exercise and will get some fresh air. This can really help you save money.

#3 Just be honest

There will be a lot of people who will be embarrassed to admit that they have financial problems, but if you are honest with your friends and tell them about your current financial state, they will make compromises and will not choose expensive places where to meet you. And they could even invite you at home or could more easily accept your invitation for a house party. If they are really your friends they will take this into consideration.

#4 Pay only in cash

It does not matter whether you have decided to visit your friends in a mall, or in a restaurant, the most important thing is that you should not let yourself pay by card, but only in cash. This little trick will help you save money.

People who buy by card often do not have a clue about the amount of money they have in their cards and this way it is easier for them to spend more money than they actually want.

If you pay all your bills in cash you will have a visual idea of your money balance and you will be able to control in much better. This way you will also be careful when it comes to going to a restaurant or some other place where you are likely to spend a lot of money.

#5 Use discounts

There are people who think that it is shameful to use discounts because this showed some kind of lower social status. But this is not true, especially when it comes to buying the same kind of item but only for a less expensive sum. There are a lot of such discounts in internet sites.

Before going out with your friends you can take a look through them and decide which places are more affordable for you. This way you will not feel embarrassed. Take every advantage you have when it comes to saving money.

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