Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Inspired by Movies
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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Inspired by Movies


Every Halloween is an occasion to have a great party with friends and to forget about your problems. At the same time the whole preparation for the Halloween party is a great fun as well. One can try on different costumes and pick the one that suits them the best, or one that is fashionable at the moment.

And sometimes when one wants to attract more attention, they can wear matching costumes with their partner and be even more noticeable. To help you with your choice of costume for Halloween, we have prepared for you a list of matching costumes for couples that are thematic this year, and you will see why. So, here are our suggestions!

#1 Sandy and Danny from Grease

The first of our Halloween costume ideas for couples is quite easy and that is why it is good for a last-minute costume. Those of you who have watched the movie Grease know that the main characters in the movie, Sandy and Danny, remained the main symbols of the movie. Next year actually, 2018, will be the movie’s 40th anniversary. You could honor the movie by wearing such kind of costume.

To dress up in such kind of costume you basically need all-black clothes. For the costume of Danny you will need some black pair of pants preferably with a belt, a black t-shirt tucked in the pants, and black shoes.

And for the costume of Sandy you will need a black pair of high-waist silky leggings, a black shirt with bare shoulders and short sleeves placed a bit lower on the arms, a big black belt, and some red high-heels with wooden heels.

The other thing that is important for this kind of costume is to pay attention to the makeup and the hairstyles. For Sandy you will need to wear some bold red lipstick, rosy cheeks, light greyish smoky eye, and some metal gold hoop earrings. Y

ou can also put on some short blonde hair wig to get into character completely. As for Danny, your partner need to apply some gel to achieve his famous look. Cool and easy DIY costume at the same time!

#2 Fifty Shades of Grey

The next costume in our list is again inspired by a movie, together with the book that is based on actually turned out to be a phenomenon. This is 50 Shades of Grey. This year the second movie from the trilogy was released and next year the third one will be released, which is a good enough reason to wear such kind of costume this year while it is still one of the most talked about movie.

The other reason that you may decide to wear such kind of costume with your partner is that it is very easy to do it yourself. “Christian” can wear a grey suit with a grey tie, while “Anastasia” could wear some grey skirt with a grey shirt. Try to choose the pieces of clothes with different shades of grey, this way you will achieve a better costume effect.

Another thing you could do is to try to match the hairstyles of the characters in the movie. Anastasia has light brown hair with reddish hues, while Christian has a beard and his hair is often slicked back with some gel.

#3 Baywatch

The next costume idea is probably the funniest one in the list. It is inspired by Baywatch, the movie which was released this year after the end of the TV series years ago. It is a revival of the story which can be used as your inspiration for your Halloween costume this year.

You can your partner can be dressed as some of the characters from the movie. The essential items for the costume are one piece bathing suite in a red color for the girl and a tracksuit again in red for the boy.

You can find such items with the Baywatch emblem which will make your costumes even more authentic and you can also add some sunglasses and, of course, the symbolic Baywatch float. This way you can be sure your costume will be complete as well as cool and fun.

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